Lin Xinru and Kunling may have relied on TA to incorporate male gods!

2022-12-05 06:01

When I open the mirror in the morning and feel that I have become (te)(me) ugly again, I feel that life is like snow! Do you know, that swaying fashion vane, you are a goddess, she is beautiful, and you are a baby. Don't think that "you are a baby" doesn't mean anything, it means ageless, cute and cute.

(To tell the truth) You are very cute, you can not only receive love from yourself, but also more love from others! For example, Ziwei Gege was included by the veteran cadre Hua Ge, and has since become the exclusive baby of the Huo family; Yanxi has become "Mrs. Chen" and has a baby baby all over the world, and these kinds of things are bloody things~ Only happen to cute babies. !

There is no happiest baby than Xiao Zhou Zhou. Jay and his mother Kun Ling are devoted to 100% love. Fans also like this lovely baby very much, and they are always wondering whether she will inherit her father Jay's little I am worried about the eyes, (it turns out that Xiao Zhouzhou has inherited the excellent blood of her mother and is a big-eyed girl oh)

So you know how good it is to be a baby! ? Since then, I have become a fan of my age, why? Because you are a baby. When you see a cartoon character you like, you can freely exclaim your love! ! Finally, I am no longer the only one who thinks I am so cute. It has contributed a lot to the improvement of the average level of the world's appearance! You can be coquettish without being hated! ! Even single dogs feel valued!

Babies are cute and cute, and they are from the inside out. That is, the style of painting that is cute and cute when you put on makeup is completely correct! So baby, of course, must match cute things, right~ After getting all the cute and bad beauty products, you can be considered a cute and cute baby oh yeah~ These beauty products are lethal just by their appearance, let alone use them So kawaii, just looking at me makes me feel like a cute baby.

Let's take a look at what cute tricks Korean brands are putting on recently

NO.1 MISSHAx Minions

Let's talk about the fresh and hot Minions series first! In the new summer series, the cute and cute minions stay by my side, oh my, I seem to hear their chatter again! Minions' favorite Banana color matches well with summer! Single eye moisturizing model and double eye concealer model, have you decided which one to buy?

Lip pencil test color chart~ The colors are relatively simple and elegant, but except for RD01, the other colors are to force the rhythm of straight men to death, (straight men: I think they are all the same color (cry blind)!) Also Yes, sharp-eyed if you have noticed, the last one is the rhythm of color changing lip balm.

NO.2 Holika Holika x gudetama lazy balls

Ha ha! Lazy eggs are here! This cute guy seems to have his own enchantment when he appears on any system, and a lazy and cute breath blows. This series launched in cooperation with Holika, the products are relatively comprehensive, including skin care and makeup, and some of them are fun! It was also endorsed by our favorite Captain Xu Darong, (very contrasting and cute).

For example, this silky egg skin care scrub gel, cute egg shape, sprouted blood, contains egg white and honey essence, gently exfoliates the face, originally looking at the round eggs, I thought it was inconvenient to squeeze out and use, I didn’t expect the eggs It's actually a soft material, so it's easy to use.

NO.3 Etude House x Wedding Angel

Every girl dreamed of being a lively and nervous captain when she was a child, or her quiet girlfriend with many suitors. It is full of memories. This cooperation series of Ellie satisfies your little princess wishes. From packaging to products, they are all blingbling by fans~ Xiaogongju are ignited!

Gradient hair hangs a whirlwind in summer, from Kpop stars to the streets and alleys. In summer, a haircut will become refreshing and trendy from scratch. This spray is most suitable for girls who want to try new styles but don’t want to dye them. Every spray will maintain the effect for a short period of time, and you can change the look any day you want.

Just as shown in the picture, the usage is super simple, choose the spray you like, shake it, then press and spray 20cm away from the hair, and then blow it with the hot air of the hair dryer for 20-30 seconds to complete the coloring. How to match your own play, but don't put all the colors on your head, there is only a thin line between the country killing Matt and the hipster.

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