Lip augmentation surgery should inject less but not more to prevent it from becoming a "sausage mouth"

2022-12-19 06:01

Introduction: MMs are envious of other people's sexy and moist lips, and they hope that they can also have pink lips that "make people want to kiss". How to make your lips sexy, plump, pink and moist has become the pursuit of many beauty-loving women.

Regarding the methods of lip augmentation, there are mainly two methods: surgery and non-surgery (injection). However, due to the disadvantages of surgically thickening red lips, such as large trauma, long recovery time, easy scarring, and limited effect, people prefer to choose non-surgical methods. Inject lip augmentation to transform your lips that are not full enough. And with the advancement of plastic surgery technology, more and more injectable cosmetic materials have also brought good news to patients.

Autologous fat lip augmentation

Recommended index: 5 stars

Autologous fat lip augmentation is the extraction of fat from the recipient's own body, processed in vitro into fat particles, and then injected into the lips. Suitable for those with slightly less plump lips.

Advantages: relatively safe, no rejection of autologous fat, and long lip shape maintenance after fat survival.

Disadvantages: Requires anesthesia, multiple injections. Because the injected fat will be absorbed by the body and disappear, it often requires multiple injections.

Hyaluronic Acid (Hyaluronic Acid) Lip Augmentation

Recommended index: 4 stars

The principle of hyaluronic acid lip enhancement is that hyaluronic acid is originally a component contained in various tissues of the human body and is one of the necessary components to support skin elasticity. For those who need mild to moderate expansion of the lips.

Advantages: It is hypoallergenic and non-rejective, safe, fast recovery, natural.

Disadvantages: It only lasts for 4 to 8 months and requires regular injections to maintain lip shape.

Collagen Lip Augmentation

Recommended index: 3 stars

It belongs to a tissue substitute. It is suitable for those who have slightly less plump lips and only need to expand their lips slightly.

Advantages: low technical content, can be completed in less than 10 minutes.

Disadvantages: The duration is short and multiple injections are required.

Evelyn, Ai Beifu and other lip augmentation

Recommended index: 3 stars

They are all imported polymer injection materials. Because it is more viscous, it is generally injected into the deeper layers of the skin. If the injection is too shallow, the part will be whitish and feel thicker when touched.

Advantages: long shelf life.

Disadvantages: expensive, a few may cause chronic granulomas.

Special Note

It is better to inject less than more for the first time to prevent "sausage mouth"

Many women also have this concern: not sexy thick lips, but red and swollen sausage mouth after lip augmentation. Chen Yuanliang said that to avoid sausage mouth, the preoperative design is very important. You must design a lip shape that meets your own conditions according to your own facial features, and you can't blindly pursue it. In addition, when injecting materials for the first time, you should adhere to the principle of preferring less than more. If the injection is not enough, supplementary injections can be made later.

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