Lipstick started rolling too? Gourmet lipsticks are too good to play!

2022-12-05 06:01

Good evening darlings, today is Sauce Sauce coming with vigor and vigor~

In the autumn and winter season, will everyone's cosmetic bag be the same as the sauce, and the first update is lipstick? From the fresh and delicious watermelon red in summer to the low-key white maple red in autumn and winter, sometimes, the most direct way to detect the change of seasons is to see if the girl's lipstick color has undergone a qualitative change~

In the colorful changes of color numbers, will babies have a small question mark in their minds: how did these lipstick numbers with different styles come into being? As a professional (self-proclaimed) popular science blogger, of course Jiangjiang has to satisfy everyone's curiosity, and immediately take everyone to track the birth of a lipstick~

Raw materials for lipstick production

The birth of a lipstick begins with the preparation of raw materials, which are mainly composed of oil, ester, and wax. They determine the melting point, hardness, and viscosity of the lipstick, and affect our sense of use. In the case of controlling the proportions, the lipstick can be colored without breaking.

In addition to oils, esters, and waxes, there is also an important component of colorants responsible for coloring lipsticks. It is a pigment produced by natural extraction or artificial synthesis, and is an important component for the formation of lipstick shades. With colorants, lipsticks are given a variety of colors~

At the same time, oils, esters and waxes are also serving the colorants, turning into solvents in lipstick raw materials, converting the original particulate colorants into dehydrated paste-like bases.

Top priority colorants

In the production process of lipstick, how to adjust the color number of the popular style is a kind of knowledge and a kind of luck~

Each colorant has a unique "identity number" that can be found on the International Pigment Index. The colorant number is composed of Cl (representing the chemical structure it belongs to) + 5 numbers. Different numbers represent different properties. For example, those starting with 11-35 are common azo pigments in lipsticks. In addition, there are xanthracenes. and diphenylmethane pigments.

The reason why the colorant can produce color mainly depends on the chromophore group and the auxiliary chromophore group. The former is responsible for being excited by visible light and being seen, and the latter is responsible for enriching the color level and being watched, allowing us to see the colorful lipstick. "Red".

Generally speaking, colorants are divided into two categories. The first category is synthetic pigments, which are chemical substances with low cost and convenient preparation. Another type is the natural cochineal dye. They come from carminic acid produced by cochineal worms that are sun-dried, ground, purified and separated. One kilogram of cochineal red dye often costs hundreds of thousands of adult worms. Not only is it troublesome to operate, but the cost is also slightly higher, so "cochineal red" has been abandoned by most manufacturers. Most of the colorants used in today's lipsticks are artificial colorants. Although they are artificially synthesized, as long as they are colorants approved by the state, everyone can use them with confidence~

With the colorant, you can officially start toning. The coloring method of lipstick generally uses the additive color method and the subtractive color method.

The additive color method is suitable for electronic display. Turn on the RGB three primary color mode to simulate the effect of the colorant mixing on the computer, and prepare for the subsequent color matching.

The subtractive color method is the actual toning of the pigments, mainly in the red, yellow, and blue primary color mode and the cyan, magenta, and yellow primary color mode. Through the color matching of two modes, design the proportion to color the color, such as 1 part red, 3 parts yellow, 2 parts white, 1 part black, you can call out the gentle and intellectual nude powder bean paste color.

Mold release

Of course, the colorant only gives the lipstick a variety of colors, and it also needs to support the various shapes of the lipstick by setting and releasing.

After the substrate composed of the three giants is melted in the machine, the adjusted colorant and other materials are added and mixed uniformly by an automatic machine. At this time, you can arrange the lipstick infusion, and pour the mixed liquid into the tube body through the bottom of the lipstick shell.

After the liquid solidifies into a solid, put the lipstick shell upside down on the machine and dock with the tube body carrying the lipstick paste, so that the shell and the tube body fit perfectly. Turn the tube upside down and spin the tube to reveal the smooth lipstick paste.

After a series of operations, a lipstick is gorgeously born, and finally reaches your hands and turns into a radiance on your lips.

I believe that Jiangjiang has said so much, you should probably know how to prepare the lipstick number? But "there are thousands of shades, and half of them are ugly" (created by myself), how to choose your own new lipstick closely with the trend, you can follow the sauce to see~

This year, the concept of gourmet lipsticks has become very popular. Gourmet merchants have launched eight sets of gourmet editions for winter, and the lipstick industry also produces eight sets of export red editions. As a lipstick collector, Jiangjiang will naturally not miss this hot spot. She brought a lot of gourmet lipsticks to share with everyone, and keeps the romance exclusive to winter on her lips~

Roasted Sweet Potatoes vs Browns

Speaking of the cold winter, the first food that pops up in Jiangjiang's heart is the hot roasted sweet potato. Compared with the various bells and whistles that popped up this year, Jiangjiang still prefers this simple and original version. The best kind of hot sweet potato that was just taken out from the stove that comes with the roadside stall, split from the middle, the crispy outer skin and the soft rotten inside are the first gift sent in winter~

armani red tube

#209 Sunset Dark Brown Coffee

And the color number that echoes with the charred skin of the roasted sweet potatoes, the sauce is the most popular Armani Red Tube #209 Sunset Dark Brown Coffee, just like pouring a layer of caramel on the freshly baked sweet potatoes, full of sweetness .

The thin coating will be a little redder, and the thick coating will penetrate into the thick brown coffee, showing the maximum white power, but it is not suitable for light makeup~ The low-saturation tones are very suitable for autumn and winter, and the whole person appears mature and restrained, hidden and hidden~

I love the texture sauce of Armani Red Tube! With the soft brush head, the velvet feels at your fingertips, like a super good rua plush toy flicking your lips. The paste is soft and waxy and easy to push away, leaving its own color like a dragonfly. But the overall lip glaze will be a little bit sticky to the cup, you can consider applying a layer of lipstick and raincoat to maintain your beauty!

Candied chestnuts vs roasted chestnut red brown

In addition to the roasted sweet potatoes that warm your hands in winter, there is also a pot of freshly baked sugar-fried chestnuts emitting heat. Watching the round chestnuts flip back and forth in the iron casserole, the chestnut shells turned from full brown to reddish brown, gradually cracked and laughed, and then put the caramel-covered chestnut meat into the mouth, soft, waxy and sweet. The taste instantly burst into fireworks in the mouth.

Estee Lauder Adore Matte Lipstick

#557 Roasted Chestnut Red Brown

Estee Lauder's #557 Roasted Chestnut Red Brown Sauce has been planted for a long time, like chestnuts that have been cooked thoroughly after being stir-fried, and then sprinkled with a thin layer of caramel, the red brown is more and more intense.

The thin coating is a low-key maple red, and the thick coating is a reddish brown with full firepower. One can switch the aura at will~

The texture of this series is both matte and moisturizing. It is smooth and easy to push on the mouth without showing lip lines and drying. The rich background color is spread on the lips like a picture scroll, showing a low-key and restrained high-end feel.

Bingtang Hulu vs Hawthorn Red

Winter delicacies have always adhered to the purpose of sweetness, but there are also sweet and sour snacks like Bingtanghulu. I took a bunch of big mouthfuls from the grass and took a bite. First, the outer layer of crispy sugar coating was followed by the sour hawthorn. The sour and sweetness interweaved a harmonious song in the mouth.

Shu Uemura

#M RD193

The sweet hawthorn is coated with sugar and turns into a different kind of crystal clear in winter. The lipstick industry uses hawthorn red to retain this color. Shu Uemura's #M RD193 took the lead, putting fine light spots in the matte lipstick to make the lip makeup natural and smart.

The thin coating has a little rose tone, and the yellow and black skin don't mind it~ The thick coating is covered with a strong red, making you the most beautiful cub in the crowd!

Another moisturizing matte lipstick, the paste is lightly brushed on the lips, showing a richly pigmented matte texture, delicate and smooth, as light as a veil.

Strawberry vs Strawberry Red

As soon as strawberries come on the market every year, Jiangjiang knows: winter is finally here! The plump strawberries washed away the imprints of running all the way in the salt water, and the strawberry tip was bitten off, which was sweet and delicious; the strawberry pp also had a unique taste, which made the sweetness a little sour. Eating a small pot in a warm air-conditioned room is a happy scene in winter memories~

Chanel dazzling lipstick

#140 Dazzling Candy Red

Chanel's #140 dazzling candy red rubbed the sweet and sour strawberry into the paste, so Jiangjiang had to be moved!

The thin coating is a tender water red, and the thick coating is like a strawberry that has just been washed and taken out. There is a little sparkle in the water light feeling, like a star flashing on the lips~ However, compared with matte lipstick, this water The appearance rate of light lipstick in spring and summer will be higher!

The upper mouth is very moist, and the watery feeling of the lip gloss is applied, which makes the lips full and delicate. The color is very high, the color is rich, and the deep lips can be suppressed!

Red Pomelo vs Grapefruit Color

Another party in the winter fruit memory is the red pomelo that is intertwined with sweet and sour~ The plump pulp is peeled from the pulp, and then bursts in the mouth, the sweet and sour juice makes you instantly get the joy of winter~

Colorkey Mirror Lip Gloss

#B724 Sweet Chestnut Grapefruit

Colorkey's #B724 Sweet Chestnut Grapefruit brings this gift from red grapefruit to the lips, turning the grapefruit red pulp into another sweet and sour feeling.

The thin coating is the black tea-colored grapefruit granules to be picked, and the thick coating is the full-ripe red grapefruit granules. You can feel the tenderness of this color number through the screen. Full of daily miscellaneous feelings, it is undoubtedly the beautiful lady next door! Like the previous one, this water-light lip glaze is also very suitable for spring and summer~

As a cheap fighter, Colorkey's lipstick is really beautiful, and the makeup on the upper lip is also very good-looking, which makes the lips very tender. But when the lip condition is not good, the pulling is a bit serious. It is recommended to do a good job of lip primer before chasing beauty~

Ping An Fruit vs Apple Red

A special holiday in December, Christmas, gives red fruit a new meaning, making it a symbol of the blessings of peace that day. In the exquisite packaging, there is a red snake fruit, which reflects the ruddy face of the person who is hugging them. The streets and alleys are full of the cheerful atmosphere of Christmas.

DIOR bright blue gold lipstick

#668 Amazing red

The apple red, which is unique to Pingguo, has also been dyed on the lips by the colorist. DIOR's #668 stunning red is one of them.

The thin coating will show a certain rose tone, while the thick coating will spread out a large piece of rich red, and the aura value will be quickly filled. This kind of red has been praised by many people as a Chinese red. The redness reveals restraint, and the domineering is graceful.

The velvet soft mist texture is about a mist-like lightness. It leaves a rich color after swiping lightly, and it is also friendly to deep-lipped stars.

Hot Milk Tea vs Milk Tea Color

As a healthy girl, of course, I have to replace the summer iced milk tea with warm hot milk tea~ Make a cup of Hong Kong-style milk tea at home, and match it with the afternoon sunshine and warm breeze, isn't it a beautiful thing in the world?


#64 Red Tea Milk Brown

BOBBI BROWN's Fat Gold Tube #64 Red Tea Milk Brown delivers the rich milky aroma of Hong Kong-style milk tea to the lips and teeth, full of gentle caressing. (The picture shows a limited edition)

The thin coating is a daily milk coffee color, and it looks bright when applied without makeup. The thick coating is a rich milk tea color, with a touch of clarity, showing a gentle temperament. As if by chance, I saw a woman in a cheongsam standing on a balcony watching the sunset in the distance, holding a cup of steaming tea in her hand.

Like its color, the texture is delicate and soft. It's smooth on application, light in tone but very pigmented and covers the original lip color. With a little bit of moisturization, you don't have to worry about lip lines in the follow-up.

Hot Pot vs Chili Red

Under the magical attack of the northwest wind, the best way to solve the magic with magic is the hot pot game, use the heat to attack the cold in the body~ In the cold winter night, meet three or five friends, sit around the round table filled with steam, laugh and play Nao, looking at the bottom of the pot, wrapping the freshly baked meat slices with full of sauce, which warms the stomach and heart, and adds a lot of laughter and laughter in winter.

MAC Bullet

The closest thing to Sauce Sauce's favorite butter pot is the hot chili red, and MAC's small chili will appear on the stage, and it will be white in autumn and winter. Chili is known as a hand.

The thin coating is maple leaf red, which is a low-key whitening ultimate move, while the thick coating is a warm chili red, turning into a blatant white boss!

Classic bullet packaging wrapped in a fiery red overflowing the screen. The matte texture is full of high-end sense, and it is smooth and full of color, leaving a dazzling fiery red. But for the sauce, after a long time of smearing, there will be a bit of dryness and lip lines, which is still a little requirement for dry lip stars~

Accompanied by these lipsticks, Jiangjiang seems to be wandering in the ocean of delicious food every day, enjoying the company of the exclusive winter eight-piece suit~ Finally, I wish everyone a winter full of happy memories, see you next time!

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