Liu Yifei, Jade Back Defects, Little Red Dots, Invading the Photos, Body Care, Don't Relax

2022-05-17 17:56

Liu Yifei has always been the goddess in the eyes of many men, but the goddess also has mistakes. Recently, when she attended an event, we saw that the goddess's makeup was still flawless, and the skin on her face was perfect. However, the low-cut evening dress of the day betrayed her. Through the photos of the event, we can clearly see that Liu Yifei's back was covered with dense red dots that day, and there were signs of mosquito bites on his ankles, which greatly reduced the perfect image of the goddess in people's minds.

In fact, in our daily skin care process, body care must not be slack. The little red dot behind Liu Yifei should be folliculitis, which is also a common symptom of the skin caused by lack of care on weekdays. The incidence of folliculitis on the back is mostly caused by unclean skin. We usually don't think that just washing with the bath liquid in the shower will make the skin on the body clean. In fact, this can only remove the oil in the surface of the skin and dirt attached to the surface of the skin, if the body is not regularly deep cleaned, these deposited dirt will enter the hair follicle with the pores, resulting in folliculitis, causing small red rashes on the skin.

Get rid of the red dot on the back Method 1: Do a SPA

To get rid of these annoying little red dots, we can regularly go to a SPA with deep cleansing effect, which can not only effectively cleanse the skin, but also allow the body to have a process of relaxation and detoxification.

Get rid of small red dots on the back Method 2: Exfoliate

Folliculitis is caused by the lack of clean skin. The old stratum corneum on the body will also prevent us from thoroughly cleaning the skin, resulting in small red spots on the upper body. So we should not only exfoliate the face regularly, but also remember to exfoliate the body, especially the back and legs, as well as the elbows.

Products Recommended:

1. Jurlique/Jurlique Tea Tree Exfoliating Body Scrub Reference price: 420 yuan

Removes dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin, improves blood circulation to the skin, and is used for body exfoliation care to make the skin softer. The product contains antioxidants, natural vitamins and aromatic essential oils to give skin elasticity and radiance, and to help strengthen the skin's resistance to free radicals.

2. Saint Laurent/YSL Body Exfoliating Gel Reference price: 415 yuan

For the skin to look flawless, it also needs to detoxify. Body Scrub Gel Different sizes of microspheres give the skin a double remodeling effect: the largest microspheres remove dead cells and dirt that dry and dull the skin. This cleaning promotes cell regeneration. The smallest particle spheroids further intensify the effect, removing remaining roughness and leaving skin smooth.

Effect: Skin is thoroughly cleansed without the slightest friction: Body exfoliating gel contains smooth cleansing ingredients, sugar and anti-friction hydration, suitable for all types of skin, the effect is obvious, without feeling tight and dry.

Skin looks smoother, supple and youthful. Skin cells are nourished by scrubs and cell metabolism complexes, and their self-renewal capacity is further enhanced. The skin can better absorb the active ingredients of other products.

Get rid of the red dot on the back method 3: choose the right bath products

Choosing a bath product with strong cleaning power and no irritation can help us to clean the skin more thoroughly in daily life and keep the skin in a healthy state.

Products Recommended:

1. Origins grapefruit shower gel Reference price: 230 yuan

The dual-action body wash based on natural vegetable oil produces rich foam, which can effectively cleanse the whole body in the shower and bath, relax the body and mind, help promote internal circulation, promote detoxification, and make the body feel comfortable and enjoy the wonderful fun of bathing , so as to help the body skin effectively sweat, detoxify, and purify the whole body.

2. STENDERS Gold Soap Reference price: 260 yuan

Golden Soap uses precious medicinal herbs, luxurious gold and red pomegranate extracts to care for your delicate skin. We pulverize 24K gold into infinitely small gold particles, so that each gold particle can reach the deep layers of the skin and promote skin cell regeneration. Today, we will use the most advanced science and technology to let you experience the infinite skin care power of nature's treasures. The pomegranate grown in the South, bathed in warm sunshine from birth, is rich in antioxidants, and we add its extracts to our soaps to rejuvenate your skin, improve dull skin, and refine and smooth skin. The designer's specially designed fragrance allows the bouquet to bloom quietly around you. Directions for use: Gently cleanse the body by gently sanding or lathering with a sponge on the surface of the skin. Suitable for all skin types.

Get rid of the small red dot on the back method 4: also rub skin care products on the body

Many girls think that taking a bath every day is to protect the skin. In fact, after taking a bath, we can not only remember to maintain the facial skin layer by layer, but also need to apply skin care products to the skin of the body, so as to make the skin of the body smooth and shiny. Body care products also help us hydrate our skin, reduce skin sensitivity, and reduce the chance of small red spots visiting.

Products Recommended:

1. Kiehl's body moisturizing skin care milk Reference price: 310 yuan

This beloved body moisturizer is one of Kiehl's most successful products. A rich moisturizing lotion, rich in beta-carotene, aloe vera and other high-quality nourishing ingredients, specially designed for particularly dry or peeling skin, leaving skin soft and smooth after use. With continuous use, the dry parts of the body will be significantly improved. For best results, apply to damp skin after bathing to lock in nutrients.

2. La Roche-Posay nourishing and gentle body soothing cream Reference price: 248 yuan

Rich in 10% avocado extract, 10% glycerin and mustard oil to relieve itchy skin; 4% niacinamide, 24 hours to prevent itching; soft texture, fast absorption, effectively relieve itching and skin discomfort. Suitable for: Dry or extremely dry, itchy skin, also suitable for children's face and body care.

Tips: In addition to the above care tips for you, if you want to make your body's skin smooth and flawless, you must also remember to replace and clean the bedding in time. Choose pure cotton bedding, which can quickly absorb the sweat discharged from the skin during sleep, keep the skin dry and fresh, and reduce the occurrence of eczema.

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