Li Jiaqi "OMG" lipstick recommendation

2022-08-01 16:31

Number of fans of Xiaohongshu 408w+

The number of followers in Taobao live broadcast room is 325w+

He even set a series of records.

I tried a whole 380 lipsticks in one live broadcast (it's a ruthless person)

Sell 10,000 bottles of sunscreen in 18 seconds

Guinness record holder for the most lipstick in 30 seconds (this wave of black operation is 666)

14000 lipsticks sold out in 1 minute (233.33 lipsticks per second?)


Oh, by the way, last year's Double Eleven Jack Ma challenged the "Lipstick Brother" Li Jiaqi, and sold lipsticks live online, but Ma Yun didn't know how many streets he was able to carry, so you know .

Do you understand why Li Jiaqi, the "Lipstick Brother", is so popular? That god-worship-appreciating mouth can test colors, make complaints, and talk jokes. Who doesn't want to have fun in a boring and boring life?

But is the lipstick used by Li Jiaqi "OMG" necessarily good?

Today, PC sauce will be everyone's filter machine, let's see which lipsticks that Li Jiaqi has spent in those years are worth starting!

But if you have no money recently, I still suggest you don’t watch it hahahaha (whispering bb)

 YSL series 

YSL Yingliang Pure Charm Lipstick #80

As far as the shell is concerned, I can't refuse to provoke it, and the texture is very light and moist, and the mouth is full of water, I love it! The rotten tomato color that is not picky but has a shiny feeling, whoever paints it looks good, deserves a dark horse~

YSL thin tube pure lipstick #21

The retro red "little gold bar" of the red burst on the whole network, the matte texture comes with high quality. Thin coating is lively, thick coating has aura. Whether it's light or natural light, yellow skin or white skin, everything looks good! Jia Ling’s hot search for the same style, sisters, this one is locked! However, when the stock continues to be out of stock, only 666 is available for purchase.

 CHANEL series 

CHANEL Coco Miss Glare Lipstick #92

CHANEL official website poster color, the name is Victoria Red, it sounds very romantic. Some red and pink colors can be seen from the shell. They are moisturizing. The color of the arm is not good, and the aura of the mouth will come out. It is another lipstick that can be controlled by any skin tone without picking the skin. The fried chicken has a complexion, in the words of the lipstick brother, "it seems to live a whole spring on the mouth".

It is the color that Liu Wen, Song Qian, and Kimura Mitsuki love to paint!

CHANEL Coco Miss Glare Lipstick #60

The bright orange color is a bit like the sunshine juice girl in a Korean drama, which is very suitable for spring and summer. I thought it would look black, but both white and yellow skins are very good! suitable! combine! If you want to buy orange lipstick, buy it!

 TOM FORD series 



Seeing this package, I bought it without hesitation! Compared with clarinet, white tube is more moisturizing, this season is very suitable. 03? nubile is a super gentle rose color, a good helper for showing tenderness and complexion. When dating, even boyfriends will say "you look very gentle", take it!

TOM FORD Lip Color Matte


Very white aunt Cherie, can be offensive and acceptable, gentle and domineering. The matte texture is very saturated, and the thin coating has a slight purple tone, so you can see the cry! Life without TF is not complete, this is a life-saving color, amazing~

 Guerlain Series 

Guerlain kisskiss kiss lipstick #344

It is the orange color that is very suitable for spring and summer, the legendary Yang Yang color. Creamy texture, so it is slightly stained in the cup, with self-fluorescence, white skin without pressure, yellow skin should be cautious, and it will become dead in a second! So the evaluation of this lipstick is also very extreme, love to death, hate to death...

You need to be cautious when planting grass, look at your wallet before deciding whether to buy it!

Finally, PC Jiang would like to ask you a question: If the new beauty blogger Max and the "Lipstick Brother" live color test at the same time, who would Da Karma want to see most?

PC sauce answered first: children only make choices, and I choose to watch at the same time!

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