MINON Amino Acid Moisturizing Essence Launched on the Market

2022-04-29 15:50

In Beijing in March, it was warm and cold again, the peach blossoms were scorching ten miles, accompanied by the spring breeze, it was another year of good spring. With joy and gratitude, we present the most comprehensive and professional skin care regimen for sensitive and dry skin. Recently, MINON, a cosmeceutical skin care brand under Daiichi Sankyo Group, a multinational pharmaceutical company with a history of 100 years in Japan, held a launch conference for the new product launch of MINON amino acid moisturizing series at Beijing Wangfu Peninsula Hotel, announcing that MINON amino acid Moisturizing Essence is officially launched. Bring you an impressive new product experience and spring sensitive skin beauty secrets, and share the brand story and brand concept of MINON.

[About Minon]

The MINON brand has always insisted on creating healthy and beautiful skin with safe and mild formula, and enjoys a good reputation in Japan. In the field of skin care that advocates non-irritating but effective skin care, through repeated research on various skin diseases caused by allergies, the first cleansing soap was developed in 1973 (Showa 48). years of history. All MINON products always adhere to the three "NON" research and development concepts, namely: "Non allergic", "Non toxic non-toxic", "Non alkaline weakly acidic (non-alkaline)", original cleaning ingredients - Plant-based amino acid cleansing ingredients. The MINON brand aims to bring gentle and effective skin care products to every woman.

[About MINON Amino Acid Moisturizing Series]

The MINON Honey Amino Acid Moisturizing Essence, launched this time, is a member of the MINON Honey Amino Acid Moisturizing and Moisturizing Series. "MINON Honey Amino Acid Moisturizing Series" is a facial care series derived from the MINON brand. Adhering to the MINON brand's three "NON" research and development concepts, aiming at the skin characteristics of sensitive skin and dry skin, with the concept of "safe moisturizing? Strengthening muscle energy", in 2009, it launched a series of products known as moisturizing industry. A popular skincare product from @cosme that has won the Japan Beauty Awards for many times. The birth of "MINON Amino Acid Moisturizing and Moisturizing Series" broke the traditional skin care concept of "beauty effect = stimulation". Through the original formula - adding "9 kinds of moisturizing amino acids + 2 kinds of clear amino acids", while promoting the skin's own barrier function against external aggression, it is committed to making the skin clear, clear and elastic from the inside out. "Zero Burden" health status. Mild + skin beauty, on the basis of mildness and safety, it has more cosmetic effects, and immediately responds to various skin problem signals during unstable skin conditions.

[Brightening serum that can also be used for sensitive skin]

Whitening and soothing are the primary tasks of skin care for sensitive skin that can't be hurt every spring. In the special period of spring sensitivity and high incidence, whitening products should be carefully selected. MINON Honey Amino Acid Moisturizing Essence came into being because of this, which has both moisturizing and whitening effects, so that you who are sensitive can live up to the spring.

It uses whitening and safe ingredients that can be used by sensitive skin, and adds vitamin C derivative - L-ascorbic acid 2-glucoside, which is highly safe, has excellent anti-oxidation, inhibits the production of melanin, and makes the skin firm and radiant. Glycyrrhetinic acid 2K, mild whitening, prevent sunburn, flushing after snow, safe and effective. It can also whiten sensitive skin at ease, prevent rough skin, inhibit the production of melanin, and prevent the generation of dark spots and pigmentation. The gel-like essence gently cares for the fragile skin after sun exposure and snow exposure, firming and translucent, brightening and brightening dull skin.

The MINON Amino Acid Moisturizing and Moisturizing Series is stationed in China, and will be committed to bringing more professional products and more considerate services to more Chinese women, so that their skin will glow with health and radiance. Less sensitive, more beautiful, let the skin receive the ultimate care!

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