MTM Volume Skin Customized High-efficiency Energy Collagen Restructuring Facial Treatment

2022-07-25 16:23

Reconstituted collagen. young and firm

[Customized] High-efficiency Energy Collagen Restructuring Facial Treatment

The beauty of time lies in its inevitable passing.

love yourself so much...

According to research, as women grow older, the collagen in the dermis will be lost at an accelerated rate, and the skin will gradually appear dry, flabby, wrinkled, and lose elasticity and luster. , The elastic support tissue of the skin is damaged, the facial contour is no longer distinct, and the plumpness and three-dimensional feeling are lost.

MTM's original [Customized] High-Efficiency Collagen Reconstruction Facial Treatment uses bipolar radio frequency technology to stimulate collagen reorganization and regeneration in the muscle base, combined with high-efficiency repair essence and carefully selected [customized] herbal essence for you, as well as personal exclusive dual The ultimate moisturizing of the mask, firming and rejuvenating skin, smoothing wrinkles, shrinking pores, and bringing the skin back to its youthful peak!

High Efficiency Bipolar RF Energy

MTM [Customized Skin Care] High-efficiency energy collagen reorganization facial treatment, using advanced bipolar radio frequency technology, can make the radio frequency energy directly to the dermis layer to stimulate the reorganization and regeneration of collagen, bring significant ultimate repair to the skin, and comprehensively enhance the face The contours are firmed and defined, making the skin plump and smooth.

Lymphatic drainage - Through the negative air pressure and electromagnetic wave energy of the beauty equipment, it gently awakens the facial lymphatic system to operate, and cooperates with the professional and delicate massage techniques of the beautician to effectively drain excess water from the facial skin and promote cell metabolism.

Firming and Lifting - The use of radio frequency electromagnetic waves to generate thermal energy conduction, accurately reaches the dermis layer, stimulates more collagen production, fills the shrinking and lost collagen gaps, and rearranges, to achieve firming skin, smooth wrinkles, improve elasticity and luster.

Essence introduction - bipolar radio frequency electromagnetic waves can introduce multiple repair essences into the bottom layer of the skin, such as Collagen Extract (collagen stock solution), highly moisturizing, increase skin elasticity and firmness; Ginkgo Extract (Ginkgo stock solution), high-efficiency antioxidant factor, smoothes wrinkles and signs of aging.

[Customized skin care] Double exclusive pet

According to the different problems and needs of the skin, each MTM facial professional treatment is blended with the [customized] herbal liquid carefully selected for you to meet the unique needs of each person's skin and maximize the effect of the treatment. In addition, MTM [Customized Skin Care] High-Efficiency Collagen Reconstruction Facial Treatment is also combined with a pure natural collagen mask, which instantly injects rich collagen nutrients into the skin, and exerts excellent moisturizing and soothing energy through moisture care. Watery skin is instantly hydrated and plump.

Care for the perfect details of the skin

MTM carefully cares for the perfect details of the skin, combined with bipolar radio frequency technology to simultaneously launch [customized skin care] high-efficiency collagen reconstruction eye care and high-efficiency collagen reconstruction neck care, especially for the eyes and neck skin to provide comprehensive repair and care , for you to reshape the heart-warming face of youthful radiance.

[Customized] High-efficiency Energy Collagen Reconstruction Facial Treatment (course time 1 hour 30 minutes / RMB 1,750)

[Customized] High-efficiency Energy Collagen Reconstruction Eye Care (course time 1 hour / RMB 950)

[Customized skin care] High-efficiency energy collagen reconstruction neck care (course time 1 hour / RMB 950)

MTM [Skin Customization]

MTM has always insisted on conveying the reason for its existence to customers. Since its establishment in 1991, MTM has pursued the beauty of [customized skin] without makeup. Everyone's skin is inherently different, just like a unique fingerprint. Rather than saying that MTM is a brand, Moruo said it is a philosophy. With a unique thinking and perspective, MTM listens carefully to the language of the skin, deciphers the secrets of the skin texture, and develops and manufactures skin care products that meet the characteristics of Asian skin with ingenuity and conscience. ] Personalized skin care regimen.

Since its development, MTM has developed personal skin care products, facial professional care, SPA by MTM spa services, TIME by MTM medical beauty products and services, and is committed to becoming the leading professional skin care brand in Asia.

Everyone is their own life designer, one person and one side, customizing only their own skin care methods.

With the perception and pursuit of life, we implant the gene of vitality into the brand, and present you the beauty of [customized skin] without makeup.

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