My Dresser C-Possess the Spring of the Mouth with a Vibrant White Color

2022-10-10 06:01

Spring is a combination of romance and tenderness~ The breeze gently blowing on the face, the warm sunshine on the face, and the girl's skirt corners slightly blown by the wind, everyone's heart flutters. . . . . .

Of course, there is also a pink and tender lipstick that is indispensable for the sense of ritual in spring~

The sisters in the editorial department all have a soft spot for spring, and they all threatened to use a lipstick to keep the spring on their mouths. Next, Sister O will take everyone to the scene to see how the sisters in the editorial department use their housekeeping C lipstick to light up the whole spring!

Poke the lipstick below to light up the spring together.

Spring is here, how can I make my mouth look fresh and nun dripping?

A CT water light collagen lip gloss #WALK OF NO SHAME can do it!

To tell the truth, the last thing I liked to apply was moisturizing and glittering lip gloss products, but it turns out that fashion is a circle, and makeup is no exception. In CT's entire Walk of No Shame series, this one is my most commonly used and my favorite! Shiny! Naked pink! Lip gloss!

This hydrating collagen lip balm is a light rose bean paste shade. What I want to boast about is that no matter how dry the lips are, after applying it, there will be a feeling that the lips are wrapped and deeply moisturized, lip lines or something. does not exist at all! The whole lip looks moist but not greasy and does not feel sticky. The faint rose tone will make the lips look healthy, and the whole makeup is light and elegant without deliberately~ The lip gloss is also added with peppermint essential oil and organic menthol, which is cool and comfortable!

There is always a lipstick missing from a girl's dressing table. This spring is "lipstick shortage" again!

Then try Lancome's pink gold tube! #274 KILLING ME SOFTLY makes you feel the beauty of spring!

Lancome's Pure Soft Mist Matte series of lipsticks, I have recommended more than once, really because among many lipsticks, the makeup effect on the lips is the most satisfying to me. The texture of the matte finish is very light and thin, and it will not dry out or show lip lines. For people like me who always dry to peeling lips, but who like matte makeup, it is simply a must-have for all seasons.

My favorite color in spring is definitely #274 KILLING ME SOFTLY, a very warm spring apricot color, a low-saturation lipstick that I didn’t dare to try before, but this one unexpectedly matches my skin tone. , Compared with gentleness, I think it has a kind of color between lively and steady, with a little aura, and there is a kind of beauty in spring.

@ Mengmeng

Q: How can I tenderly return to kindergarten?

I'm afraid you're not talking about Guerlain Gem Lipstick #N°62?

Guerlain's Jeweled Lipsticks have always been my favorite. After starting one, I have been deeply planted by this series! As a gentle fairy who came out of spring, how can you allow yourself to show lip lines? Guerlain's Jeweled Lipstick can meet your needs! Mine has a moisturizing texture, it is very light and thin on the mouth, it will not dry out or show lip lines~

In spring, you should apply this tender grapefruit powder! Promise me, don't be frightened by the pink color of the paste, Guerlain's #N°62 is not only non-fluorescent, but it is gentle to the bones when it comes to the mouth! Whether it's white skin or yellow skin, it looks very good when applied, and it's completely stress-free to go out without makeup!

In spring, I really want to start with a strawberry red lip glaze~

The Red Globe Mirror Light Water Lip Glaze #GS317 Ocean Wave Kissing, known as "True Straight Girl Cut", don't you think about it?

Who said that pink strawberry red is the favorite representative of straight men? Sorry, count me as one. I remember that a few years ago, the super hot straight man cut mirror glossy lip glaze was out of stock, and I just found a few friends to buy it (please spend wisely). In terms of lipstick aesthetics, I really like those colors that look pink or rose red, but it is really difficult for yellow skin to choose this blue tone rose red that is both white and girly, especially the mirror style. If you don't pay attention, it looks very rustic (cold white skin when I didn't say).

Until I found this mirror gloss lip glaze of Red Earth, the strawberry red NO.1 in my mind was refreshed. This color number is GS317 Wave Kiss, the color is like ripe strawberry juice, which is suitable for yellow skin. It is said that it will be easier to control and whiter than the pink and light lip glaze. If it is a fair complexion, it is probably appropriate to mix into a Korean girl group and debut on the spot!

In the end what kind of lipstick can support the spring of Yan control?

Come to Kang Yikang with the Maybelline down lip glaze with super textured acrylic frosted shell!

As a face control, at first glance, I was conquered by the lipstick shell of Maybelline down lip glaze! The super-textured frosted acrylic shell is full of high-end, put one in the bag, and inadvertently take it out and paint it, it will definitely hold up! The feather lip glaze on the mouth will make your lips have a three-dimensional effect. Although it is a velvet texture, it will not show lip lines and dry out~

#06 Pillowside Fog Orange, this color number sounds like stepping out of a fairy tale, which is very in line with the romantic tone of spring! This shade is a cinnamon orange, with a warm overall tone. Thin coating will have a sweet and milky feeling, while thick coating will have a sweet and cool feeling~ It gives a soft and warm ray of sunshine in spring. feel~

I really want to be a soft girl this spring~

Dream makeup mousse soft mist lip glaze #04 warm orange latte, not only let you be a soft girl, but also let you become a Korean idol!

I was deeply planted by Mengzhuang's velvet lipstick crayon lipstick last year. This time Mengzhuang's new spring mousse lip gloss, I can't wait to open it and try it out as soon as I get it. I like # 04 the most, the warm orange latte that soft girls must have in spring. After applying it, it is a member of a Korean girl group, okay~

The drying problem of the crayon lipstick last year has also been improved in this new model. The vitality of the orange line, with a little red in it, is not so orange, nor is it fluorescent, white skin is more white, and the sisters with yellow skin are no problem at all, don't worry about not being able to control it. Everyday and commute is ok.

Soft mist matte texture, long lasting, not easy to remove makeup. The thin coating is fresh and sweet, and the thick coating will fully open the aura. Do a good job of moisturizing the lips before coating, it will be more natural. Interested children can try it out~

That's it for today's sharing~ After a round of interviews, the shopping cart has inexplicably added a few more tubes of lipstick. Welcome all sisters to post their treasured spring lipsticks, waiting to eat your reverse Amway~

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