Pantene CLINICARE Hair Repair Base Essence was launched on the market

2022-06-10 20:02

Having strong, soft, and shiny hair is a strong pursuit for modern women. However, the busy urban life and heavy work pressure have made more and more women find that their hair is constantly suffering from fragility, split ends, and other problems. The continuous invasion of PM2.5 and the damage caused by frequent perming and dyeing make the hair dull and lose its vitality, and the hair quality is inevitably damaged from the inside to the outside. What troubles women even more is that even if they have paid attention to choosing repair products in their usual washing and care, they still cannot solve many problems such as dry hair and frizz. The root cause: your hair has been damaged! Remedy while losing and never reaching the ideal state. Therefore, how to solve the hair problem from the "root" has become the appeal of the majority of women. After years of research and development, Pantene has created the No.1 Hair Fairy Water. Breakthrough hair care technology—Paltinia essence, deeply repairs damaged hair, essentially improving the inner activity of hair, making hair healthy and strong. In the early spring of 2015, Pantene CLINICARE Hair Repair Base Essence was launched on the market, rewriting the fate of your hair.

Pantene's Breakthrough Paltinia Serum Gives Hair a New Life

Jeni Thomas, a Pantene hair scientist, said that 17 scientists from the Pantene Hair Care Technology Research Institute have finally discovered factors that can improve hair quality from high-end skin care technology after screening more than 600 molecules for 3 years. ——Platinia essence, which is used for the first time in the field of Pantene CLINICARE hair care. Platinia Essence has a BTMAC biomimetic protective film. Just one drop of the essence is rich in hundreds of millions of repair factors. It combines high-end revitalizing ingredients like Peptide Essence and PRO-V Pro-vitamin breakthrough technology actives, turning it into a unique hair care product. The quality fairy water strengthens the vitality at the cellular level, plays a role in the basic structure of the hair, enhances the inner soundness of the newly born hair, improves the resistance of the hair quality, and is no longer afraid of external damage.

The twins are specially verified to witness the miraculous change in the fate of the hair.

In the trial conducted by the third-party organization JIARE Beauty Elite Academy, 100 experimenters with damaged hair and naturally slender hair were selected to participate. 100% of the experiencers felt that their hair quality was improved. 96.3% of the experiencers felt that their hair was fuller; 98.8% of the experiencers felt that their hair was softer and shinier; and 93.1% of the experiencers felt that their hair was stronger! At the same time, Pantene invited fashionista Chili Pepper to conduct twin-specific verification. The twin sisters, who were born with the same hair quality genes, had a big difference in hair quality the day after tomorrow. The different secret is that Pantene CLINICARE Hair Fairy Water penetrates deep into the hair base, frees the hair from fate, focuses on the new hair roots, penetrates into the hair fiber layer multiple times, and makes the hair plump and smooth from the very beginning. Strong and soft!

It's easy to use and creates perfect hair for all hair types.

Pantene Hair Repair Base Serum, like a facial moisturizing spray, can be used at any time of the day. Use it before going to bed to apply a nourishing sleeping mask to your hair; use it before going out to protect your hair; use it after shampooing and wearing a premium base coat for your hair. The formula is light and easy to absorb, and it can be used with a comb to promote the effective absorption of the essence. recommended for daily use without rinsing, and is recommended for wet hair (also dry hair).

1. Squeeze the nozzle 3 times at a distance of about 1 cm from the scalp to spray the product. 2.

2. Repeat this action 4 times on various parts of the scalp. For best results, it is recommended that you use 15 compressions per session.

3. After spraying evenly, massage with fingertips for up to 1 minute for full absorption

4. There is no need to rinse after use. You can style as usual.

Pantene CLINICARE Hair Repair Base Serum

Pantene CLINICARE Hair Repair Base Serum contains the original Paltinia technology, combined with PRO-V pro-vitamin. The formula is light and easy to absorb. It nourishes the roots of hair and helps improve hair quality from the very beginning. With continued use, hair becomes stronger, more flexible, and more dynamic, with long-lasting natural volume and a smoother appearance.

Suitable for daily use without rinsing, and is recommended for wet hair (also dry hair). Every time you use it, spray the product onto the hair roots and massage with your fingertips for full absorption. RMB79/95ML

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