Poisonous mask causes facial hair to reveal the shady mask of Moments

2022-07-21 15:53

Nowadays, who doesn't have a few friends who sell face masks in the circle of friends? Looking at the buyer's show every day, delivery records and even a considerable number of payment records, I believe that even if you are not interested in face masks, you will still be curious about how there are so many people selling face masks in this circle of friends. Are these masks really that good? Just when you were in doubt, there was an internet celebrity named Zhou Menghan who had an accident selling poisonous masks in the circle of friends! Now people are disappearing with money, and the victimized netizens are scolding every day on the Internet.

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Zhou Menghan, 22 years old, from Shangqiu, Henan Province, once went to Austria to study and sold face masks through social networks after returning to China. In February of this year, many buyers complained that the face was destroyed by selling inferior masks, and Zhou disappeared.

Since November last year, buyers have posted photos of facial redness, acne, and even long hair on the Internet, claiming that the skin was destroyed after using the "three-no-mask" sold by Zhou Menghan, and the hospital was diagnosed with allergic dermatitis and hormones. Dependent dermatitis.

In early February this year, the "star" disappeared.

But the "Internet celebrities" like Zhou Menghan in the circle of friends and their "micro-business career" are still going on.

Zhou Menghan is indeed a beautiful woman, her skin is fair and transparent, like condensed fat, she can actually see the reflection. Zhou Menghan claimed to use her own facial mask, which once made Ke Ling, like many buyers, firmly believe that this mask has miraculous effects. They successively bought masks from Zhou Menghan's WeChat account and called her "Goddess" and "Sister Fairy".

A silk mask is priced at 19 yuan. On the silver plastic bag packaging, there is only a stenciled production date, and there is no logo such as Wei Zhuangquan, manufacturer, factory address, etc.

Zhou Menghan once said that the formula of the mask came from an old Chinese doctor she knew, and she went to a factory for processing and production. She imported the silk from abroad. Because the time was short and the company was preparing, the packaging was simple, but it will be officially listed soon.

According to information provided by 39 complainants, they bought face masks totaling nearly 70,000 yuan. This does not include Zhou Menghan's offline agent. The two agents have traded with Zhou Menghan for more than 50,000 yuan.

In a blink of an eye, Zhou Menghan's title of "goddess" became "female liar".

Previously, she had repeatedly ensured that the masks she sold were absolutely free of harmful ingredients such as heavy metals and fluorescent agents, "if there is a problem, the compensation will be 100 times the price."

Since February 2015, those commitments have disappeared with her.

    Unravel the 3 myths of the circle of friends mask

    A few days ago, Sina fashion columnist Liu Jishou published an article titled " Who bought the mask from the circle of friends ", in which an eldest sister who "relyed on the mask of the circle of friends to earn millions per month" and a "want to buy a mask every day" The dialogue form of the little sister paper of brushing the circle of friends and making a lot of money shows what is going on with the mask in the circle of friends.

    Myth 1: The Profit Model of Moments Masks

    For example, if you buy 30,000 yuan of facial masks from the online store, 10 yuan a piece, if you want to sell them one by one, you have to sell them until the year of the monkey and the horse month? Therefore, we cannot rely on retail sales, we must develop agents. You have a face mask of 30,000 yuan, divided into 10 parts, and an agency fee of 6,000 yuan. If you represent the mask to your next family, you will have 60,000 yuan and earn 30,000 yuan.

    Myth 2: The owner of the mask shop in the circle of friends blew up to make hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. What happened?

    The screenshots are all man-made, and there is a special job of making pictures. If she doesn't post those orders, will you be moved? If you are not interested, how can you be her agent?

    Myth 3: Where did the circle of friends masks come from?

    A mask seller said that now, when producing these masks, you don’t need to go out at all. You can directly place an order for customized masks on Taobao and send them to the address you want. The cost price is only one or two yuan.

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