See YSL Saint Laurent Beauty Mastering Paris Fashion Week Guide

2022-08-11 14:08

A perfect show is more about conveying the brand image firmly and accurately. When New York shows commerce, Milan shows craftsmanship, London shows monochrome, only Paris carries a dream, a fashion dream for those who truly admire it. At the 2015 autumn/winter Paris fashion show, the supermodels made this show extraordinary with their gorgeous clothes and charming makeup. Let's reveal their beauty secrets together.

This season, you can see a lot of pink and light makeup in the background. The pink and flowery, rose-lustrous skin seems to be a language of light and shadow accompanied by love, which is both gentle and delicate. On top of the base makeup, a light pink blush and lip gloss were added for a sweeter look.

Recommended single product: YSL Saint Laurent rose repair liquid bright color pen.

Pink always awakens the innate inner joy, shows the feminine and charming femininity, and is also a playful and charming symbol of charm. YSL Saint Laurent Beauty, with the charming brilliance of new skin, infuses golden particles into rose pink tones, effectively covering the dark yellow areas of the skin, so that the skin tone is more even and translucent, white and red, exuding youth and vitality. At the same time, with YSL Saint Laurent Rose Bright Color Pen, you can create a rose-pink brilliance with just one swipe.

YSL Saint Laurent Bright Rose Repairing Liquid 30ml.

YSL Saint Laurent Bright Color Pen (Rose Color) 2.5ml.

In this season's makeup, in addition to the pearly gray eye shadow depicted on the upper eyelid, the natural thin eyeliner and slender eyelashes make the eyes bright and energetic, and even the base makeup is also transparent and charming, flawless and translucent. Perfect base makeup, And to wake up some bright and moving skin radiance.

Recommended single product: YSL Saint Laurent Bright CC Cream.

If women all over the world have a common desire, it is to be able to have a perfect complexion that is smooth, translucent and flawless. The YSL Saint Laurent SKINSCIENCE expert consultant team deeply researched skin color issues, and injected the dual concepts of skin tone modification and skin care into a unique formula to combat the problem of skin primary color disorders and stimulate the inner pure radiance of the skin. This bright CC cream will smooth the silky texture. The high-efficiency repair powder and natural pigments are perfectly combined to create a perfect fit, natural light-feeling skin, and at the same time repair skin blemishes, lighten spots, and achieve the effect of natural nude makeup. And YSL Saint Laurent declares a strong feminine fragrance, which can display the free and uninhibited temptation of women with a unique DNA style, and harvest the emotional style of the exclusive self.

YSL Saint Laurent Zhen Translucent White Correcting Milk (Rose Powder) SPF30+ PA+++ 40ml.

Retro red lips are still strong in this season, using red color to interpret the sexy of women. These red lip makeup are fully applied on the lips of the model, without too much modification, they can easily interpret the other side of women, giving people a stunning color, which is bound to be the trend of lip makeup.

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In the world of YSL Saint Laurent, red not only represents red, but also a label of danger, sexy and glamorous. It allows women to play with their lips in various charming charms, play with various textures and individual reds, and collide with each other. Dangerous and passionate seduction, perfectly presenting the sexy and dangerous seductive qualities that are exclusive to Saint Laurent girls.

YSL Saint Laurent Pure Lipstick 13.8g.

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