Seven things to pay attention to in summer anti-aging, the skin will automatically "rejuvenate"

2022-12-05 06:01

Many people have habitually listed winter as the golden period for anti-aging and maintenance. Many research data show that summer is the golden season for anti-aging. According to statistics, 68% of people's first wrinkle occurs in summer, and ten minutes of exposure to the sun will cause premature aging of the skin for ten days. Summer is also the most intense period of ultraviolet rays, and under the stimulation of ultraviolet rays, free radicals in the body are flooded arbitrarily, causing the rapid loss of collagen and wrinkles.

Similarly, in the high temperature of summer, not only free radicals are activated, but also metabolism. The metabolism is accelerated, the water loss is fast, and the dry skin further accelerates the aging degree of the skin. Therefore, we must pay attention to seven things in summer to make the skin healthy. Automatically turn on the "rejuvenation" mode, showing a natural and youthful state.

The first thing: get rid of neck lines with anti-wrinkle essence

Without the cover of the scarf, the neck lines can easily present the wrinkles in front of others. In summer, choose a refreshing gel-textured anti-aging product, which is easily absorbed and does not cause a heavy burden on the skin, eliminating wrinkles.

Matching product: Dermaine Anti-Wrinkle Firming Gel

Demaine Anti-Wrinkle Firming Gel is an advocate of the concept of medical cosmetic preparations, and the only "lifting gel" deep wrinkle-removing brand in the world. It is widely sought after in more than 60 countries around the world, and the Nobel Prize-winning organization of "Global Science Crown" participated in the research and development of Demeen Anti-Wrinkle Firming Gel. The materials of this product are all from the virgin forests and oceans of northern Europe, and the plant extracts extracted from turmeric, rosemary, marine algae and centella asiatica. The bottom layer inhibits and reverses aging, instantly lifting and firming. Dermaine Anti-Wrinkle Firming Gel has a refreshing texture, and within 28 days, neck wrinkles gradually disappear, giving off a youthful radiance from the inside out.

Second Thing: Ultra-Strength Sunscreen

Intense UV rays can activate free radicals, which can make the skin lose moisture inside the skin, which can make the skin look loose and weak due to the loss of moisture, and so on. Then the best way is to block UV rays outside the skin, and a strong sunscreen product has become a must-have for the skin's anti-aging.

Matching product: Clinique Urban Cream SPF40

Clinique City Cream SPF40 allows you to feel the super protective power in the fresh summer. Daily protection upgrade, SPF30+ high index debut, comprehensive blocking UVA/UVB; more anti-oxidant ingredients, external environmental damage, easily shut out. Oil-free formula, refreshing and gentle, apply before makeup, natural touch-up. It fits lightly on the skin and takes care of the delicate face.

Thing 3: Manage uncrowded pores

Under the influence of the dual factors of aging and the harsh external environment in summer, the pores of the skin have gradually changed from the original round shape to a "teardrop shape", and the pores have become not only obvious but also loose. The top priority is to choose a lotion that can adjust the skin's water-oil balance and has astringent effects, so as to condition the skin to a healthy state and manage these unceasing pores.

Recommended product: Kose Potion Essence

A highly nourishing makeup blister mask sheet that has the dual functions of a mask and a toner. High silk medicine essence water, rich in ginseng root extract, peony root extract, Scutellariae extract, coix seed extract, black tea deer seed extract, etc., can activate cells, improve cell function, and maintain the normal operation of metabolism. Let dry, rough, dull and other skin troubles away naturally. Always maintain a clear and transparent cell state.

The fourth thing: relaxation must be saved by pulling

87% of people will find that summer looks bigger than winter in photos. In fact, it's not that the face is getting bigger at all, but the contours are getting looser. The high temperature in summer will make people more likely to feel irritable and irritable, and if they don’t get enough sleep, it is easy to cause facial puffiness, and the skin surface does not have enough support, so the entire contour will be pulled down. Lack of firmness and fullness is also a manifestation of aging.

Matching product: Estee Lauder Platinum Luxurious Firming Cream

This product condenses the treasures of "Cordyceps sinensis", mysterious black tourmaline, colloidal gold and other rare skin care treasures. It injects endless vitality into the skin in just one touch, and the tired face is instantly full of vitality, and the skin is plump, firm, and radiant. Proud! Platinum-level luxury firming and nourishing cream, specially designed for extremely dry skin, especially suitable for dry seasons.

The fifth thing: multi-pronged care of eye skin

High temperature and staying up all night make dark circles, fine lines and bags under the eyes come together, and the simple effect of eye cream can no longer satisfy the all-round maintenance of the eye area. Therefore, it is necessary to use lifting eye cream to expand the maintenance scope to the eye sockets, and to chase and block eye lines and eye bags. Use a comfortable gel pack in the morning and evening to best soothe dark circles and speed up her fade.

Recommended products: Sea Blue Mystery Concentrated Repair Eye Cream

The magical anti-aging product series worshipped around the world, known as the powerful eye repair essence of the myth of immortality. Contains long-lasting miraculous active extracts to deeply condition the skin. It can visibly improve dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles, and make the eye area full of unprecedented vitality, looking brighter and healthier.

Recommended products: Guerlain Hydrating Youth Energy Essence Eye Mask

The Guerlain Hydrating Youth Energizing Eye Mask instantly smoothes the skin around the eye contour. Enriched with a complex of desert rose extracts, it enhances cellular defenses and effectively combats the effects of ageing and environmental factors, while leaving skin feeling deeply hydrated. Eliminates congestion, powerfully smoothes fine lines, and at the same time smoothes fine lines and eliminates eye bags.

Sixth Thing: Moisturizing is the base

In summer, anti-aging and moisturizing are both compulsory courses and basic courses like sun protection. Only when the skin is hydrated and plump can it solve other problems of the skin. Therefore, for moisturizing in summer, you can choose a 24-hour close-fitting spray or a refreshing moisturizing mask. The foundation of the skin is laid, and the anti-aging work will be more effective.

Recommended product: Avène soothing spring water

Gently spray Avène Thermal Spring Water onto your face and it will leave a transparent protective film on your skin's hydrolipidic film. A comfortable, gentle feeling instantly surrounds you. This is exactly the soothing protection of the gentle, pure Avène Thermal Spring Water. It is worth mentioning that the nozzle design of this spray does not damage the ozone layer at all. And it has a perfect moisturizing effect, which is very suitable for carrying with you in winter to replenish moisture to the skin at any time.

The seventh thing: not only can not be exposed to the sun, but also come back in white

The signs of skin aging include more than wrinkles and sagging. Dryness and dullness are also signs of aging. The active melanin under the induction of ultraviolet rays makes the skin dull. Therefore, in order to perfectly resist aging, it is necessary not only to prevent the sun from being exposed, but also to make the skin white.

Recommended products: Infusa Self-discipline Circulation Whitening Moisturizing Lotion

This product is a new generation of self-regulating circulating fluid. It finds active ingredients from marine resources that can achieve a surface transmission effect of about 5% to form a light-transmitting skin, and adds a new ingredient "Deep Sea Activation Essence" to increase the moisture content of the stratum corneum and promote epidermal metabolism. , The stratum corneum's moisturizing and water-locking ability is improved. IPSA's unique technology "AL Rapid Penetration Technology" can instantly introduce beauty nutrients into the facial skin while exerting its effect, making the skin glow with a dazzling white radiance.

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