Sibu Group released the sunscreen advertisement of Zhimei Village, Li Chen is handsome and compelling

2022-03-04 19:26

Sibu Group released the sunscreen advertisement of Zhimei Village, Li Chen is handsome and compelling. The hottest male star in the entertainment industry recently is Li Chen. With his excellent acting skills, tough and handsome image, many directors and advertisers have cooperated with him. A variety show "Run, Brothers" has made him popular all over the country. In the past, he successfully conquered the goddess Fan Bingbing, which can be described as a double harvest in love and career.

On June 3, the sunscreen advertising blockbuster of Uemei Village, which was endorsed by Li Chen, was officially released and widely circulated on the Internet. Once the video was broadcast, it was sought after by the majority of netizens and fans.

In the commercial, Li Chen is dressed in a cool summer dress, wearing a red vest and white slacks, showing his strength and good figure, handsome and pressing, and playing with a group of youthful and energetic young people by the outdoor swimming pool, the sun is lively.

It is reported that this sunscreen advertisement is the first advertisement shot after Li Chen and Fan Bingbing's public love affair. As can be seen from the advertising tidbits released by the brand Fangsibu Group, in order to achieve the best advertising effect, Li Chen is also Work hard.

It is understood that Li Chenzhimei Village's moisturizing and radiant sunscreen is a sunscreen suitable for any skin. It has dual advantages of physical and chemical sunscreen, SPF30 sun protection index and strong waterproof effect. It is not only suitable for daily use, but also especially suitable for Use in the case of high ultraviolet radiation such as beach play and outdoor swimming, refreshing and non-greasy, sunscreen, waterproof and sweat-proof are all in one. As you can see in this commercial, the advertising slogan of Uemimura Sunscreen is: Uemimura, sunscreen is more professional!

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