The 87-year-old Armani is still the most elegant person

2023-01-02 06:01

Source: Fashion COSMO

The 87-year-old Armani has come to dream up fashionable girls again!

For Mr. Giorgio Armani, haute couture clothing always has a different kind of charm.

They are radiant from color to fabrics, and then to the details of each design; they have noble pedigree but make the wearer comfortable enough behind the upper body, and perfectly set off the charm and elegance of each woman.

One by one, the complicated and precise design details reveal the Armani Privé 2021 autumn and winter series.

Start a journey through time and space

The Armani Privé 2021 autumn and winter haute couture series fashion show was grandly released at the Italian embassy in Paris. This season, with the theme of "shine", it echoes the 2021 haute couture spring and summer series "In Homage to Milan". The common main line runs through it, with 68 sets. Look renders the depth of purity beyond the seasons.

The camera slowly advanced, leading viewers into the Armani Privé autumn and winter series show. The models walked out from behind the curtain, as if they were in a gorgeous stage theater, and as if they were entering a fashion movie.

From the details to the whole, the clothing is fully displayed, and the light and shadow flow all the charm and charm.

Beautiful color

This season’s main color scheme flexibly echoes the 2021 haute couture spring and summer series "In Homage to Milan". The blue-gray, indigo blue and other colors that capture the light of the season's charm are low-key and luxurious, and contain the brand's retro and noble fashion atmosphere.

Chic pink shades such as blush, powder puff, cassock and pomegranate have bright and dazzling visual effects, which are very eye-catching.

Jade green, lavender, and cornflower blue show lightness, agility and brilliance in the model's steps, lighting up the light of joy and grace!

Premium fabric

"Shine" is concentrated in Armani Privé's high-end fabrics.

The silk satin and sequins with glamorous luster, combined with rainbow-like colors and ultra-fine gold and silver threads, fascinated satin and silk luster fabrics form the most beautiful picture. The models walked like a mermaid, elegant and dreamy, beautiful!

The fabrics with agile brilliance are like the flowing water on the lake under the sun after the Qingfeng Buddha. It is a fairy air of restraint and restraint. It is more intoxicating to appreciate dynamically. It perfectly fits the figure, and the flowing luster in action Sense presents the ultimate pursuit of aesthetics.

Elegant dress

The slender evening dress seems to be dancing lightly, and the exquisite frilled shirt with chic configuration awakens dynamic vitality. The dress skirt fits the female body curve, and the off-shoulder design at the neck reveals the exquisite shoulder lines and the looming butterfly bones, showing the charm of the female figure.

The old man still maintains his aesthetic standards, and the ceremonial skirt controls the weightless support structure, like giant flowers blooming in a magic garden. The extreme scale of each line creates a variety of layers and silhouettes, all exuding the charm of high fashion.

The beauty of details

Profile shoulder pads

Classic, let fashion never go offline. The Giorgio Armani Privé haute couture series is not only known for its noble and elegant skirts, but also has the shadow of classic suits. Short tops and jackets are filled with elegance and evocative.

Men's style Armani pinstripe blends a different kind of tenderness, and women can be aura or delicate.

Finishing shoes

Unique nude crystal socks boots, low-heeled slender shoes, fabric ballet flats, ultra-slim high heels, etc. are the finishing touches to the modeling.

Diamond earrings

Compared with the exaggeration of metal materials, multi-colored diamonds are more interesting. Not only has a strong sense of three-dimensionality, but also has a simple and modern style in the interlaced lines.

Chic handbags

The jewel clutch and the light feather handbag are delicate and exquisite, with a strong eye-catching degree and a strong sense of presence, and they are full of rhythm between steps. Especially matching with the swaying dress skirt, the two echo each other to create an unparalleled sense of high quality. Not only shows the mysterious temperament, but also adds a lot of agility.

Beads, sequins, ruffles

A closer look at the skirts of this season's haute couture series are decorated with crystals and sequins, occupying the visual focus.

The small crystals and sequins embellished on different fabrics burst out inadvertently, highlighting the exquisite craftsmanship and craftsmanship of each piece.

The flowing lotus leaf blooms on the skirt, and the sparkling is perfectly combined with the skirt.

Mr. Giorgio Armani once said: "In order to be perfect, I try a variety of styles. Couture is a symbol of the top and the pinnacle of creativity and creativity." Understand that true elegance is not to attract attention, but to be remembered.

In the noisy and impetuous fashion circle, it is fortunate to see the old man with such a high level of investment and design every year. At the age of 87, he is now a well-deserved fashion dreamer.

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