The fat on the neck ruined "Hermione"s beauty Don't ignore body care

2022-03-28 13:32

Do you think that whenever a female celebrity appears in the mirror, she will only dare to come out to see people with delicate makeup, firm skin, and no dead ends in her 360 degrees? Wrong, look at the recent Paris Dior show, Emma Watson, the university tyrant, appeared in a chic dress, but the auxiliary breast under the armpit was squeezed out of an A Cup, a tall goddess is becoming another image.

Emma Waston

Good student also has A Cup auxiliary breast

Goddess Destruction Index: ★★★★

We are walking on a big road~ with high spirits and high spirits... This star has been out for a long time, and her temperament is a bit too "easy-going". Look at the arrogant Emma's aura, but the good overall image is inexplicable. The auxiliary breast was destroyed! If you are not fat, you will look very old-fashioned if you have auxiliary breasts.

Belly fat

Goddess Destruction Index: ★★★★★

In fact, it is not a matter of a day or two for Emma to ignore her body skin care. Look at the layers of fleshy skin on her belly, and it's about to catch up with Michelin tires! If you can get a little tighter, you will have a perfect idol body.

Layered neck lines

Goddess Destruction Index: ★★★

Emma's big halter is very beautiful, but the neckline is still too eye-catching! I don't know if this young girl born in 90 can't stand it because of long-term work pressure, but Emma, you are less than 30! What do you do if you make those old aunts running around like this? !

Jennifer Lawrence

Big cousin's arm chromatic aberration

Goddess Destruction Index: ★★★

Jennifer Lawrence, the big cousin of Dior's show, also went, and she happened to have a company with Emma. Although there are some accessory breast problems, they are not as serious as Emma. But looking at the color difference between the upper and lower sections of her arm, you can clearly see the traces of wearing short sleeves in the sun. Please, big cousin, we know that you came from acting, but you don't want to show your athletic qualities in the Dior show.

Loose arm

Goddess Destruction Index: ★★★★

If you don’t look at your face, sometimes you will wonder what age the big cousin Jennifer Lawrence is a Hollywood actress. You must know that she was actually born in 90! But look at the slack arm of the big cousin, she looks at least in her thirties. Can't rely on a good personality and good looks to be so capricious.

Thigh orange peel

Goddess Destruction Index: ★★★★★

Many photos of her have been exposed earlier. For example, in this swimming photo, although the hips are plump, but there is no sense of line at all, it looks very loose, and it is obvious that there are orange peel on the thighs.

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