The first wave of double eleven out of the box to share this year's true love lipstick appeared

2022-12-05 06:01

Hello sisters! Here is the banana girl who came to open the box for you non-stop as soon as she received the courier!

It has been nearly a month, and today I finally received the first batch of Double Eleven trophies!

There are a lot of them that are out of money for Double Eleven, it is huge and difficult to grab! Hehe, so how can my banana girl enjoy the joy of this harvest alone? ! So today I'm here to unbox you guys and see what good things I bought (part of ha)~

baby number 1

Nature Hall Bright Lipstick

These two natural dazzling lipsticks are really hard to grab, and they are the absolute king of out of stock! Fortunately, my eyes are fast and my hands are fast. I was lucky to grab two of them. When I got them, the first impression was that the shell was pink and tender, and there was a blingbling (bright) mermaid pink polarized light. It's too pretty, too girly!

The heavy and smooth shell in your hand feels very textured. When you open it, you will find that it is a magnet buckle design with strong suction (haha, it has a super attractive force from the inside to the outside~) The cut surface of the paste is sharp and angular, It is very convenient to outline the corners of the lips and fill in the interior! It seems that the lips are very full, like the toot lips with hyaluronic acid~

First of all, let's come to Kangkang Natural Hall Bright Lipstick #302 Carrot Color. Carrot color is a hot color in the recent autumn and winter, but Banana girl has been greedy for a long time! (Insert a sentence here, carrot color really suits the skin tone of our Asian girls! It's so white!)

When you apply it, you can clearly feel that its texture is very silky, and you don't need to apply a lip primer in dry winter! Compared with the 196 of a big brand, it is more moisturizing, has better durability, and has higher color rendering, and the cost performance is more than a little bit higher! 196 Banana Girl, who has not bought the hottest before, is highly recommended to buy it, it really does not lose! The upgraded version of the replacement is here!

PS: Hehe, because I was looking forward to this lipstick so much, I actually used it secretly twice before opening the box. The first time I tried it, I applied it without makeup. What amazes me is that after applying it, the whole person immediately becomes more complex, and the key is that it is not abrupt at all. When I was eating, the little sisters all asked me the color number on my mouth, and then they planted grass one after another. When I wear it with autumn and winter makeup, the whole person will increase their vitality! It's so suitable for dating and partying, and it will amaze the audience in minutes!

Banana sister strongly recommends that sisters have one! Applying it will make you amazing (surprised) to the point of explosion, black skin, yellow skin, and dull face girls don't miss it, it will make you white to glow!

Next is this Natural Hall Bright Lipstick #70 China Red. It is the same color number as the limited edition of Natural Hall's dazzling lipstick red star~ The color is retro cherry red, which shows the aura. It can help you easily get it~

I painted it when I participated in the event yesterday. With my black leather jacket, the assistant kept exclaiming: It's too cool, it's too cold, Brother Jiao is domineering! I announce that Brother Jiao and this lipstick are locked! To sum up, a super satisfying shopping, two lipsticks are amazing and cost-effective at the same time for daily use, it is worth recommending~

Baby No. 2

Bobbi Brown Sheer Makeup Lasting Foundation

When it comes to Bobbi Brown liquid foundation, the first reaction of many sisters is estimated to be - Cordyceps liquid foundation, hehe, I don't! Since I have oily skin, I used a clear and long-lasting makeup foundation that is more suitable for oily skin. As soon as I got it, I was attracted by its bottle, the frosted textured shell, full of frigidity, and the packaging really pokes me!

Because it is the main makeup, it has a thick texture, and when you spread it with a sponge egg, it will show a high-level matte makeup.

Its concealer is very strong! I just put on a layer of liquid foundation, basically I can't see it, and it won't have a heavy makeup feeling. In general, I'm quite satisfied~

baby number 3

Meikang Fendai Sponge Egg (Water Drop)

Meikang Fendai's beauty egg is also very famous. After countless times of Amway, I decided to place an order this Double Eleven! , Because of the makeup habit, I bought the droplet type.

Question: The first thing to do when you get a beauty egg? Of course it's a pinch~ It's not particularly soft, it's more elastic.

Question again: The second thing to get the beauty egg? Of course, soak it and wash it~ The size of the beauty makeup egg full of water is about double the size before, and it will become much softer and feel excellent!

Let's talk about some details, the liquid foundation above is just splashed with it. As you can see, the effect is still good. I took a closer look at its powder consumption, because when I tested the liquid foundation, I sprayed it about 3 times, and the amount was relatively large, so the beauty egg seems to be very powdery (I first I thought the same way at the beginning), but when I washed it later, I found that it was very easy to wash, and after zooming in, it can be seen that its pores are very small and dense. Taken together, it doesn't particularly eat powder roar. Overall, I was not disappointed, satisfied!

baby number 4

Shanna eyeliner gel pen 01

Yes, this is what the legend buys to make up the order! So... just bought it a little bit randomly.

In fact, when I first opened it, I thought, it's over, I'm afraid it's going to roll over? !

One is that its refill is a little thicker than the general one; the other is that it can't be retracted after it is rotated out! So you know how I feel when I'm happy to go out for a long time and then I can't go back...

But there is one thing to say, in addition to the above two shortcomings I think, when I tried the arm, I found it to be very useful (slap in the face instantly)

I bought 01 black, which is very pigmented and smooth. The paste is also soft and won't poke, but there will be a little bit of agglomeration (but because it is the first time to use, the outermost paste does relatively dry). It is commendable that it should not be easy to take off, because I wiped it with a cotton pad filled with makeup remover two or three times, and I can still see a faint mark. Overall, it is so-so.

baby number 5

shu uemura machete eyebrow pencil

Haven't I reviewed a hexagonal brow pencil before? Directly opened the door to my pencil-type brow pencil!

Taking advantage of the Double Eleven, I quickly got a machete from Shu Uemura (it was sharpened when it was delivered, compared to Xin!)

I tried drawing an eyebrow on my arm (haha a bit ugly, never mind). The smoothness and color rendering are really excellent, there is no caking phenomenon, and it is very smooth after one stroke, but pay attention~ It will only show color on the eyebrows (skin) with oil, in order to test whether it is easy to fall off , I also deliberately took a clean cotton pad and wiped it hard twice. Then you can see it on the right side, it still fell off a little, but fortunately the shape is still preserved, and the color is still there. Overall, I am quite satisfied with this eyebrow pencil!

baby number 6

Concubine Bei Ling's Big Pink Sculpting Blush Palette

Hoho~ Concubine Bei Ling's makeup dish, Jiao Mei, has been thinking about it for a long time! The reason for buying it is because sometimes on business trips or trips, cosmetics are a lot of big and small every time, really! of! very! numb! bother! So, I just thought about buying a makeup palette, so that all the problems will be solved~

The one I bought is a bit sweeter and more suitable for daily commuting. It contains two contouring, one highlighting and two blush, the powder is the kind of dense, soft powder, super fine! The color rendering of blush and highlight is relatively weak, so you can boldly and confidently put on your face (very suitable for novice parties).

My favorite of the five is this highlighter (in the middle of the first row), which is a pearly purple-pink shade of Bulling. At first glance, it looks golden, but upon closer inspection, it is mixed with purple, and it has a strong sense of presence after applying it on the face. Especially in the light and when turning your head, the gloss of the polarized light is simply invincible! , in general, quite satisfied~

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