The new MOPAIR pre-makeup and post-makeup mask is on the market

2022-03-04 19:26

Urban women who have been under high pressure and impetuous for a long time will inevitably have a lack of physical and mental happiness and an unsaturated complexion. In order to create a good complexion, they have to wear makeup, and their skin is eroded by cosmetics every day. At this time, a high-concentration mask is very important. The MOPAIR mask integrates women's beauty and skin care into an elegant attitude to life, allowing a moment of care and extreme care to nourish every layer of the body. Let the breathing become smoother, let the body and mind enjoy a simple SPA, say Bye Bye to the anxious life, and declare that it will be elegant to the end.

The MOPAIR brand, developed by the "Godfather of Nude Makeup", adopts the "active ingredient preservation" technology first developed by medical experts, so that the natural pure and fresh plant essence can directly act on all levels of skin cells, release layer by layer, layer by layer. Absorb, give the skin the most "fresh" nutrition. Let people return to the natural source of healthy skin care on the road. The "healthy, safe and fresh" skin care concept of the MOPAIR mask is deeply loved and recognized by consumers.

It is understood that in response to the makeup problems of beauty lovers, the "1+1>2" mask conditioning concept has been proposed for the first time in the world, insisting on the use of natural plant extracts. Extracts, golden chamomile extracts and other plant-derived herbal extracts are used as raw materials, and there are no harmful chemical additives such as alcohol and preservatives, which help the follow-up makeup to be more docile; after cleansing and repairing makeup, the mask is made of tea extract, snow Grass essence, snow fungus polysaccharide and other plant extracts are used as raw materials to relieve skin pressure, thoroughly clean and metabolize oily makeup substances such as foundation and concealer, and activate cell potential.

Experts have revealed that skin under the pressure of makeup will lose 25% of its moisture in a short period of time and increase wrinkles by more than 60%. At this time, it is necessary to use the MOPAIR light and light-sensing makeup front mask to make a hydrating and repairing SPA for the skin before makeup, using the most cutting-edge technology to integrate plant and technological ingredients into each mask, bringing every woman to the public. Different beauty and happiness enjoyment, as well as crystal clear healthy skin, while awakening the skin, it can increase the skin's moisture content and maintain the balance of water and oil; make a good base for the base makeup, and prolong the makeup effect, so that the makeup is not easy to fall off and become powdery , for a light and luminous skin feel.

The saying that the MOPAIR after-cleansing and repairing makeup mask can clean up the "residues after makeup" is also a source of truth. A recent set of research data shows that ordinary makeup removers can only remove 80% of surface makeup, and the remaining 20% of stubborn oils are often difficult to remove. This part of the "residue" often leads to "big oil fields, large pores, and acne-prone face". main cause. As for the post-cleansing facial mask, use it after removing makeup and cleansing the face. The Bincho charcoal cloth deeply cleans the cosmetic residues in the pores, removes the rubbish at the bottom of the skin, repairs damaged skin, relieves skin stress, and says goodbye to dryness after makeup. Sensitivity and other problems, make the skin smooth and firm, and restore the radiance.

The MOPAIR pre-makeup and post-makeup facial mask is aimed at the needs of the skin before and after makeup, and continuously improves the most well-known and influential facial masks, and launches a brand-new pre-makeup and post-makeup classic that integrates many functional demands such as whitening, moisturizing, cleaning, and repairing. series. Makes the skin as clear and moist as the first snow, and casts a white radiance from the inside, continuing the classics created by the years.

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