Use Lotion to Lighten Your Travel Makeup Bag

2022-06-03 22:20

The long holiday is coming. Instead of traveling around the world with a circle of friends, it is better to plan a short trip to the suburbs by yourself. Take a look at the landscape and relax. Everything is excellent. However, since the short-distance traveling friends must hope to travel light, the makeup bag or something really does not need to be too heavy. Bring a bottle of lotion and get a brand-new usage of TA. With 1 against 4, it's really not a blow.

Makeup water is a makeup remover.

For short trips, I believe that my friends will choose light makeup. Therefore, you don’t have to be too responsible for makeup removal. The lotions we use every day generally contain certain surface active ingredients to care for the stratum corneum, helping to clean the residual cleansers while making the skin more white, tender, and smooth. It can completely replace makeup remover to remove light makeup, and it is gentler, so you don't have to worry about excessive irritation on sun-exposed skin.

Mask = lotion

After a day of outdoor activities, it is a foregone conclusion that the skin is dehydrated and tired. Soak the paper mask with lotion and apply it to the face. The moisture content of the skin can be increased in just a few minutes, and the effect is not inferior to that of the mask. To reduce the burden, the most important thing is that the skin after compressing with water can absorb the follow-up skin care products, and the effect can also be greatly increased.

Thick feeling lotion = moisturizing essence.

If you are bringing a thick lotion, congratulations. The effect is actually comparable to that of moisturizing essence because a certain amount of xanthan gum and hyaluronic acid will be added to the thick lotion. Especially in dry environments, the moisturizing and water-locking effects of this lotion are absolutely no less than those of ordinary moisturizing essences.

Thick feeling lotion=body lotion

It is impossible to have everything in bottles and jars when you are away from home, especially body skin care products, which can save even more. Use thick lotion instead of body lotion and apply it to the skin multiple times, which can not only soothe damaged skin outdoors but also help the body skin absorb moisture.

Lancome skin repair beauty serum (200 ml) 520 yuan

Lancome Global R & D Center has created a unique structure that combines two natural active molecules: salicylate and jasmonate, to activate the repair function of skin tissue damaged by external pollution or internal consumption, while making the tissue stronger. The exceptional effects include fading fine lines, reducing pores, smoothing skin texture, evening skin tone, and greatly improving pigmentation and redness issues, leaving the skin with a pure radiance from the inside ingredients for sensitive skin, even the most delicate eye area. This serum is hydrating, pore-shrinking, hydrating, and rejuvenating. Great for summer use.

SEKKISEI Sekkisei lotion 380 yuan 200ml

The Kampo plant extracts with whitening and moisturizing effects are added to achieve the gradual anti-aging effect of the skin in a gentle moisturizing way. Due to the non-sticky touch treatment that Japanese skin care products have always been good at, they can fully moisturize the skin, repair rough and dull skin texture, eliminate skin dullness, create transparent skin, and have whitening effects.

Melvita Melvita Narcissus Purifying Essence 240RMB 100ml

Melvita Narcissus Purifying Essence uses narcissus from Israel and selects dormant narcissus bulbs to ensure the high efficiency of extracting essential ingredients. A moisturizing, brightening, and smoothing toner that leaves skin even and radiant. It contains a complex essence of narcissus bulb extract, citron fruit extract, papaya extract, and olive leaf extract, which helps to improve dull skin and brighten skin tone while hydrating. The clear water texture and the elegant daffodil fragrance bring comfortable use while beautifying the skin.

AUPRES-Oupore Yongquan Moisturizing Moisturizing Water 140 yuan 170ml

When skin cells are in a state of hyperactivity, it is easy to cause repeated dryness of the skin. This moisturizing water can solve the problem of repeated drying from the root by forming a pure and good cell environment that can self-moisture in a harsh dry environment. For a more even penetration of the moisturizing water across the entire face and an enhanced skin moisturizing effect, the use of opal pads is recommended.

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