Venus Concept enters China for the first time

2022-12-19 06:02

Venus Concept made its fortune in Israel. Since its establishment in 2009, it has become a world-renowned beauty equipment manufacturer in just 5 years. Focusing on China's development in the face of beauty equipment, taking the top development city "Shanghai" as the first stop, using the patented core (MP)² technology, combined with the top professional skin care brand of Dermo28 in Italy, to give full play to the strengths in various fields, to provide customers with Bringing safe, comfortable and effective treatment and product care, it will also set off a new wave of beauty experience for Chinese medical beauty!

An instrument creates a beautiful legend for millions of people

Founded in 2009, Venus Concept is a leading brand in the medical beauty industry. With advanced technology and successful marketing strategies, it combines the two fields of medicine and beauty, allowing more people to experience the extraordinary medical beauty. Comes with confidence and joy. Wei Strontium (Shanghai) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. adheres to the tenet of innovation and breaking through tradition, with brand-new scientific research technology and customer-oriented business concept, to provide customers with a platform for the development of beauty business, and to create lustrous and tender skin for more people. Young muscle age, provide painless, safe and effective medical beauty enjoyment, and create a better and more beautiful tomorrow.

(MP)² patent US FDA only / first certification and China SFDA certification

The core of Venus Concept's beauty equipment - (MP)² patented technology, is the only anti-aging technology that has been certified by the US FDA and China's State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) in 2014. Combined with magnetic pulses to increase human FGF-2 growth factor, trigger the proliferation of fibroblasts and capillary angiogenesis in cells, and through a variety of 3D radio frequency, heat the dermis, promote the synthesis of collagen fibers, and maximize skin elasticity. A simple, fast and comfortable skin rejuvenation treatment. Based on (MP)² technology, Venus Concept has developed a number of classic beauty equipment with excellent functions; (MP)² patented technology uses radio frequency and magnetic pulses to increase collagen production to firm skin, reduce wrinkles, and restore body. It has a beautiful appearance and accelerates the action of the self-healing mechanism. It is as comfortable as a hot stone massage. It only takes 25 minutes for the face treatment and 30 minutes for the body treatment, but the effect is obvious and fast! (MP)² patented technology can effectively improve the problem of orange peel, tighten the face and body skin, and evenly bring the heat to the bottom layer of the skin, thereby stimulating collagen production, collagen fiber synthesis and lipolysis. The treatment course is also shorter than 30 minutes, no need The recovery period does not interfere with daily activities.

Numerous award-winning, globally recognized beauty treatments

The beauty treatments launched by Venus Concept have also been affirmed by many international experts, including "Venus Freeze" selected as the best postpartum care beauty treatment in 2014 by Singapore magazine Parents World; it has also been favored by readers of American Health and Beauty website, voted as 2013 The best medical beauty treatment of the year; recently, it has won the authoritative award for the super popular beauty facial equipment from the Hong Kong Beauty Professional Magazine + France Les Nouvelles Esthetique! And these affirmations from the world are the achievements and glory of Venus Concept after years of hard work! In addition, the British Fashion Festival model Cara Delevingne and beauty expert K teacher publicly recommended the treatment, allowing them to enjoy an unprecedented painless, safe and effective medical beauty enjoyment, and also marked a new milestone in medical beauty.

Agent Dermo 28, Italy's top skin care product, to bring customers the best skin care

After many tests and evaluations, Venus Concept chose Dermo 28, the top Italian beauty care product, as its partner to enter the Chinese market as an exclusive agent. Through the complementarity of products and equipment, it can solve various skin problems and provide customers with safe, comfortable and effective treatments. and product care. Dermo28 is good at using natural active ingredients to create a variety of high-quality skin care products, and has launched a number of targeted series including: Aqua Ultra Moisturizing Series, UNICA Platinum Moisturizing Series, NutriAge Moisturizing and Brightening Series, Comfort Soothing and Sensitive The series…etc, from the perspective of intimate care, from the face to the whole body, it provides nourishment, moisturizing, vitality, balance and anti-aging to the skin, so that the skin can be restored to its original state, and the defense and anti-aging mechanism is activated.

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