Well-being skin care | Japanese people really play bubble tea facial mask, lipstick, manicure, is it too sweet?

2022-07-05 10:26

I still remember the hot searches that used pearl milk tea to make dark dishes, such as pearl milk tea ramen, pearl milk tea rice, pearl milk tea pancakes, etc. It was an uproar... I didn't expect that pearl milk tea could also invade beauty products. The appearance is cute. It's also practical!

In fact, this "milk tea style" was blown by the "milk tea makeup" that was popular in Japan earlier. The gentle and sweet makeup with pink, brown, and earth colors as the main colors suddenly became popular, attracting domestic florists. Follow suit.

So come and take a look, what are the beauty products inspired by milk tea, it makes people happy to look at it!

Etude House Pearl Milk Tea Good Night Mask

In fact, Etude House has launched a bubble milk tea good night mask three years ago, which has surprised all the milk tea powders! The round and lovely "black pearls" in the cup look like a mini version of bubble milk tea, which has attracted a lot of milk tea powder enthusiasts to snap up. The usage is to mix the pearl with a white paste and then apply it, wash it after sleeping overnight, to make the skin white, tender, supple and supple.

Annie's Way Pearl Milk Tea Mask Series

Taiwan's Kaohsiung Annie's Way has taken the world by storm with jelly masks. The founder Annie Wu advocates nature and pursues quality style, which is reflected in the design of the mask. The ingredients are natural and have various skin care effects. No, Annie's Way has exclusively cooperated with Taiwanese handmade tea brand Yuanshi to launch a bubble milk tea facial mask series, which is cheap, easy to use and full of fun

There are four types of round stone X Annie's Way pearl milk tea series masks: Earl Grey Black Tea Firming Mask, Mango Moisturizing Mask, Green Tea Conditioning Mask, Strawberry Brightening Mask. You may wish to stock a few more sheets of each as the editor. All summer.

In addition to the four pearl milk tea flavors, another selling point of the mask is the use of invisible mask paper, which is light, thin, transparent and water-retaining. It is different from the masks on the market. It can be worn on the skin completely, and the material of the mask can be biodegraded. Not afraid of polluting the environment.

Mentholatum Pearl Milk Tea Lip Balm

The bubble milk tea trend is wave after wave, and the Japanese ideas are more popular with Asians! Recently Mentholatum Melty Cream Lip series also launched limited editions of'Pearl Milk Tea' flavored lip balm and'Mint Chocolate' flavored lip balm, exposing the editor's essence of food...

The main product of Melty Cream Lip series is high moisturizing, good moisturizing effect, and SPF25 sun protection factor; the color of pearl milk tea flavor is pale pink, while the mint chocolate flavor is light green, and it feels a little cool when applied. Very suitable for recent hot days

Cin-Cia Nail Academy Pearl Milk Tea Nail Style

Seeing this three-dimensional pearl milk tea nail style, you will surely feel that the manicurist or the customer's love for pearl milk tea is almost crazy. It turns out that this is from the senior nail artist Ichie Kamiya of Cin-Cia Nail Academy in Japan. s work.

This pearl milk tea nail style has been going viral on the Internet recently in the form of a short film! In the film, even the cups are made of tape rolls, and the transparent nail polish is added to set the shape, then the mini pearls are dyed with black nail polish to form a pile of black pearls, and finally the milk tea-colored liquid is added. Although it looks very complicated, it is very suitable for summer pool party or punching in and taking pictures with your girlfriends

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