When the fragrance of the flower meets the fragrance of the "YOUNG" series of silicone-free nourishing flowers, it debuts!

2022-10-10 06:01

In the past, Seeyuan's new concept of "silicone-free scalp care" has brought consumers a new experience of healthy and natural washing and care. As the new year is approaching, Seeyuan will bring a new experience. When the fragrance of flowers meets silicone-free oil, Seeyuan's "YOUNG" series of fragrances will debut!

Fragrance shampoo, as the name suggests, is a shampoo with a charming fragrance. The shampoo we use in ordinary times also has fragrance, but it is not a fragrance shampoo in the sense, just the fragrance of chemical additives and essence; the real fragrance The fragrance shampoo is formulated with perfume-flavored raw materials. It is not a strong fragrance, but a light fragrance.

So, what kind of new shampooing experience will the three shampoo products of Seeyuanhua's "YOUNG" fragrance series bring?

Shen Lan elf, charming and aura

Seeyuan Shenlan Elf Fragrance Shampoo, specially added with cedar, ylang ylang, rosemary and other plant extracts, crystal clear, mysterious fragrance, gentle control of scalp water and oil balance, relieve scalp sensitivity, relieve tension The role of the scalp. Multiple plant extracts, deeply moisturise the hair core, deeply lock the moisture and nutrition inside the hair, improve the hair's own water retention, moisten the hair layer by layer, and bloom with a bright and clear brilliance.

The ethereal and mysterious fragrance of flowers and fruits is like the fragrance of ylang ylang blowing in the morning rain and dew. After approaching it, it is like entering a mysterious garden with tuberose and rosemary blooming. It is as crystal clear as cedar and unforgettable.

iris angel, pure nature

See source iris angel fragrance shampoo, natural organic plant essence replaces harmful substances such as silicone oil, truly natural, gentle and non-irritating. It is specially added with Tuscan iris, which is clear and natural, elegant and comfortable, gently nourishes the scalp, prevents the loss of hair nutrition, and increases the elasticity and moisture of the scalp and hair. The natural repairing power of multiple plants injects moisture into the scalp and hair, keeping the hair away from dull, frizzy, fragile and other hair problems.

The clear and elegant oriental floral fragrance meets the unique sweet fragrance of pear blossoms, and the gradually strong fragrance of jasmine is intoxicating. The perfect fusion of matcha and vanilla is pure and deep. Bring an unprecedented elegant experience, like an iris angel, splendid and flawless.

Rose sweetheart, perfect sweetness

Seeyuan Rose Sweetheart Fragrance Shampoo, rich in a variety of natural plant ingredients, has good water nourishing and moisturizing functions, and adds moisture and nutrition to the scalp and hair. There is also Damascus rose, which has a pure floral fragrance, sweet and charming, and contains triterpenoids, which can effectively fight the aging of the scalp, improve the sub-health state of the scalp, and be full of vitality. Leaves the scalp as delicate as a rose petal, and the hair is hydrated, supple and lustrous.

Sweet and fragrant floral and fruity notes, the first sight is the romantic and sweet first love of roses, the unexpected encounter is the fragrance of sweet violets and malt, and finally the elegant and tranquil French brandy, the flowers bloom, bringing the ultimate sweetness.

Silicone-free + romantic fragrance, Seeyuan Flowers "YOUNG" series of fragrances debut, not only brings the breath of spring flowers blooming, but also continuously upgrades the technology of silicone-free oil to provide consumers with a new romantic experience!

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