Which red lipstick is best for you?

2022-07-29 16:00

Flames red lips , sexy sultry dream of every woman in the image of the perfect woman, but you have too black and too own their own yellow, big red lips could not completely hold ah. 

Below, PCLADY will try 8 hot-selling red lipsticks for yellow, black and white skins, and see which one suits your skin tone.

Product color numberpriceProduct color numberprice

Armani Lipstick  

Guerlain Gemstone Lipstick 

 Estee Lauder Floral Admiration Lipstick 

Chanel Coco Miss Lipstick 

Water Shining Series 84DIALOGUE  

L'Oreal Paris Rich Moisture Lipstick  

Burberry silk soft texture lipstick 

309FUCHSIA PINK Magic Shining Star Lipstick 

8HL  Barbie Bolang Colorful Lip Balm 4

1. Smoothness of color development——Apply the lipstick to the inside of the arm to see if the application is smooth, and observe whether the color development is consistent and even with the lipstick.

2. Reduce lip wrinkles-after applying lipstick on the lips, print lip prints on white paper and observe the traces of lip wrinkles. If there are fewer traces of lip wrinkles and fewer small gaps, it proves that this lipstick liquid covers the lips The pattern effect is good.

3, oil content - Lipstick large chunks coated absorbing paper , the observed traces of oil.

4. White skin make-up feel-fair-skinned editors try it with real people to observe the make-up feel.

5. Yellow skin make-up feel-yellowish skin edit real person to try it, observe the make-up feel.

6. Black skin make-up feel-the skin is darker, edit the real person to try it, and observe the make-up feel.

7. Durability——After applying the lipstick on the lips for 10 minutes, gently sip on the edge of the white cup (glass) to observe the lipstick remaining on the edge of the cup.

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