Which side-parted PK oblique bangs design is more face-lift

2022-07-28 17:05

style 1

side fringe

The 19-point slanted bangs and the asymmetrical medium-length hair are designed to create a three-dimensional cute little face, with a high slimming index and a fresh temperament.

style 2

side points

The side parting design without bangs, the side hair covers the cheeks to modify the face shape, and the other side hair is tucked behind the ears to make the face shape three-dimensional and have a slimming effect.

style 3

side fringe

The bangs are differentiated between four and six, and there is no particularly obvious boundary, which makes the effect of bangs repairing better, and at the same time enhances the sense of mystery. The side hair is not too close to the cheeks, so the effect of trimming on the sides is not obvious.

style 4

side points

It is also a side-parted wavy head design. The side-parted hair adopts a large wave design to make the side-parted hair repairing effect more obvious, and the inner buckle hair tail also modifies a better arc.

style 5

side fringe

The oblique bangs and the pear flower head with inner buttons are full of sweetness and style. The oblique bangs and the middle hair with inner buttons on both sides decorate the new hairstyle outline, making the shape more beautiful.

style 6

side points

The side parting of the hair is matched with a slightly curly design to enhance the girl's temperament, while the curly hair on both sides is close to the cheeks to decorate the small face.

style 7

side fringe

The oblique bangs and the eyes cover the forehead to shorten the proportion of the face shape, making the girl look thinner, and the bright color dyeing of the hair makes the short hair more attractive.

style 8

side fringe

Nineteen-point slanted bangs and eyebrows modify the face shape and short sideburns hair to modify the small face, and the messy and casual curls show the unique personality of the girl.

style 9

side fringe

The same 19-minute oblique bangs length and eye contouring effect are more obvious, and the light and thin inner button design enhances the freshness, and it is more attractive with fluffy medium curly hair.

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