Yi Yang Qianxi Xiao Zhan Wang Yibo who picks? The lips of these male stars are really suitable for lipstick

2022-12-05 06:02

Hey, I push skin care and makeup for you every day, and occasionally I want to be a little presumptuous. Today, I want to watch the fresh meat handsome guy with you! ! (Yes, it's that simple and crude.)

So when you first look at people, where do you see them? A lot of people feel like they have to look at their eyes.

But the dog smashed personally likes to look at the lips, and also likes to wonder what shade the other party has painted. After all, almost every girl has an inexplicable obsession with lipstick~!

So today, the dog took stock of a wave of super beautiful lips, male stars who put on lipstick and knocked A ~ sisters, come with me, and taste their lips... type and lipstick number!

Yi Yang Qianxi

Although the four-character brother is a steel boy who doesn't wear lipstick very much, Gouzha is so fascinated by his temperament, he must be the first to talk about it! (yes, it's eccentric)

However, his lips are really one of the best in the entertainment industry. The upper lip is a nice triangle, and the obvious lip beads are a little sexy~ Just pursing your lips has a cold abstinence.

Because the lip shape is very good-looking, my brother almost always just applied a layer of lip balm to make the lips look fuller.

Occasionally I apply lipstick, and I also apply matte nude powder that is very close to my own lip color~ The strength of the interpretation of MLBB (meaning that it is close to my own lip color, but it looks better).

I have to say that this lip color is really supernatural~ It will not make people feel that they are not MAN at all, nor will they feel that he has put on lipstick!

Damn, I ended up with a moving picture of Qianxi brother's sultry face wearing lipstick. Probably all girls want to know the color number on his face!

Shade Amway

Givenchy pink lip lipstick

The natural lip base color of the fat intestines, the makeup effect is clear, the lips are full after application, and the subsequent lipstick can be more colorful!

The texture of the lipstick is a very natural peach color when applied thinly.

UKISS Afternoon Lipstick

Xiao Zhan

When it comes to male stars with good-looking lips, how can there be no Xiao Zhan! ! He had the breath of a little milk wolf all over his body, and every facial feature showed that God was pinching his face seriously.

His lips are thin, and there are no sharp lip peaks and lip beads, so when he smiles, he looks particularly sweet. And the color of the lipstick he usually uses is also a bean paste color that is very close to the color of his lips, with a little pink in it, which suits his temperament of a big-eyed boy.

Because of his fair skin, he casually put on an orange lipstick, which is not fluorescent at all, but makes him so white that it glows~

Although the dog is not his fan, but this face will fall for a long time~ He is really too A with lipstick.

Shade Amway

Estee Lauder Adore Lipstick

The beautiful orange-toned dry maple color, the color painted by the heroine in the Estee Lauder advertisement endorsed by Xiao Zhan, has an octave of aura when you apply it!

UKISS's matte lipstick is really good texture, matte but not dry, 902 thin coating is a very light and not black bean paste powder! Yellow skin can also control it.

UKISS Snow Kiss Lipstick

Wang Yibo

Speaking of Xiao Zhan, how come there is no make-up little prince Yebo! Yebo previously endorsed the eyes in the advertisement of Shu Uemura's lipstick, plus the good-looking milk tea color on the lips, it killed me at once!

His lips are really perfect for lipstick. He belongs to someone with thick lips, but the shape of his lips is very delicate, and the curvature of the lip peaks are not good-looking ~ the size is just right, no wonder he wears lipstick and brings more goods than actresses!

Everyone knows that Yebo wears eye makeup very well, and the color of his lipstick will also be adjusted with the eye makeup~

But no matter what color of lipstick, he looks very good on it. Even if it is a very delicate and bright color, it will only appear that Yebo has red lips and white teeth, and will not be a mother at all~

Shade Amway

shu uemura black square lipstick

Yebo endorsed, there is nothing to say, just buy the whitest candy tomato color!

The texture of the velvet lip glaze is so advanced, the fairies should have heard a little. This clay color is a very white brown-red color, helping you create the same red lip and white teeth as Yebo!

Armani velvet lip gloss

Lee Dong Wook

If it is said that a man has forty-one flowers, then Li Dongxu must be the king of flowers. There is no vicissitudes on the face of a forty-year-old man, whether it is the condition of the skin and lips, it is like a frozen age, and it is refreshing.

His lips are actually very masculine, full of lines, angular and angular, but the complexion is too white, and the color of his lips is so tender that people can't help but question how a man can be so beautiful.

But he said before that he doesn't wear lipstick, so his beautiful lip color is really limited...I can't buy it if I want to buy it!

It seems that the sisters want the same color number as him, so they can only take good care of their lips~

Shade Amway

Vaseline Lip Mask Jelly

The dog smashed the best lip mask he had ever used, applied a thick layer, and the next day after rubbing the dead skin, it all fell off. The lips are soft and tender, and the touch is very good~ Super suitable for winter use!

This lipstick is icy cold and feels very moisturizing, but not lard, but rather a matte finish. It is also very suitable to be used as a lipstick base~ It will not affect the color of the lipstick!

DERMAL lipstick

Cai Xukun

When it comes to male stars who look good with lipstick on, Gouzha thinks Kun Kun is one of them. His lips are on the thick side, but he is not stupid at all. Instead, he has a childish feeling of a teenager~ It looks very soft and tender, which is in contrast to his impactful performance!

Although he has a variety of styles, most of the shades he has applied are actually nude and earthy, with concealer to create a more original lip makeup.

Of course, he also occasionally paints pale pinks like white tea and peach, which makes him feel juvenile and gives people a warm feeling!

Shade Amway

Chanel coco lipstick

Very clear milk tea color, very close to the lip color, suitable for light lips. Fairies with deep lip color need to lay a good foundation to show their color~

Very light and tender white tea peach color, creamy texture, very smooth and easy to push, suitable for white skin and makeup~

Tomford White Tube Lipstick

Well, that's it for today's inventory.

In fact, after looking at it, male stars all prefer nude color and natural milk tea color lipstick~ The lip shapes are all good-looking! Not sure which one you prefer?

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