Teach you how to make up for work

2022-10-11 14:43

Clean matte base makeup + wild eyebrows are refreshing and neat, MLBB lip color is both atmospheric and soft, this workplace makeup is too high-energy!

Take away the universal workplace makeup, thank you!

Step1: Choose a matte texture liquid foundation for the base makeup, and evenly apply the foundation on the face with a damp sponge egg or a flat brush.

Step2: After eye primer, use a brush to dip an appropriate amount of beige eye shadow over the entire eye area to make eye makeup primer.

Step3: Dip an appropriate amount of pearly light color with your fingertips and press it on the center of the upper part of the eyeball to brighten the eye makeup.

Step4: Dip an appropriate amount of dark brown with a pointed eyeshadow brush and apply it to the tail area of the upper eyelid, and finally take the remaining powder over the tail of the lower eyelid.

Step5: Dip a proper amount of blush with a non-exaggerated color with blush, make a circle on the cheekbones, and smudge it obliquely upward.

Step6: In the last step, the lip makeup part is rubbed with a bean paste-colored lipstick. Don't forget to smudge the edges of the lip line, and the whole makeup look is completed!

Yoo In Na Oni's Sweet Workplace Makeup

Of course, if there is also a handsome guy of the same magnitude as Lee Dong Wook sitting in your office, you still need a sweet workplace makeup like Yoo In Na Oni. The seal king is also ready for you!

Step1: When applying makeup, try to choose a light liquid foundation or air cushion, and then use a sponge to evenly apply it on the face. Brighten the tear trough with a brightening concealer.

Step2: Natural straight eyebrows make people look more gentle and easy to get along with. First, draw a frame according to your own eyebrow shape, and then fill it with brown slowly.

Step3: Choose the earth color for the eye shadow, first use light brown to make a large area base. Then use a dark brown smudge transition, and finally use a golden pink pearl to brighten the eyes. Then use a brown eyeliner to draw the inner eyeliner and slightly pull out some sagging eyeliner.

Step4: The blush at the moment can easily highlight the lovely temperament of the girl, but it should be noted that the position of the painting should not be really close to the eyelid, it should be painted in the area 1-2cm under the eyelid. The range should not exceed the tip of the nose and the cheekbones, otherwise the face will appear larger.

Step5: For the last step of lip makeup, choose a brighter orange-pink lip glaze, which can create a feeling of vitality and sweetness.

Sweet workplace makeup is complete! Quickly tell the seal in the comment area, which one would you Pick?

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