You need to keep some styles among so many types of eye shadow brushes

2022-04-11 09:30

primer brush

The primer brush, as the name suggests, is the first brush used when applying eye shadow, which can evenly sweep the eye shadow over a large area on the eyelid. The brush head of this type of brush will be relatively round and the amount of hair is tight.

smudge brush

After the first and second layers are swept, if the colors are very different, there will be a clear sense of boundary, which is unnatural. At this time, you need to use a clean smudge brush to blur the borders and create a sense of gradient. This type of eye shadow brush is usually a round brush head, and the bristles are much softer than the primer brush, and the amount of hair is not so dense.

It is recommended to clean the smudge brush after each use, so that it will not be used for the next smudge due to coloring.

Flat round dizziness brush

Another type of smudge brush will have a round head and flattened appearance, and the amount of hair will be very dense. Flat brushes allow for further blending and are more suitable for blending the lower eyelid.

flat brush

There are two types on the market, one is flat and the other is bevel. Both can be used for eyeliner or eyebrows.

eyebrow comb

Most eyebrow products will have a brow comb, which is used to smudge the eyebrows and look natural visually. It can also be used to comb the lashes before applying mascara.

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