Zhu Yilong became L'Occitane's body care spokesperson in Greater China, and the Verbena series was launched in limited quantities

2022-05-12 16:26

The hot summer is coming, is your skin ready for a refreshing "muscle" experience? On May 13, 2019, L'OCCITANE, a natural plant skin care brand from Provence, joined hands with famous actor Zhu Yilong to bring a new limited edition of L'Occitane Verbena Cooling Collection. Wearing a set of casual white bathrobes in the bathroom with southern French style, the lush green verbena outside the window is blowing in the wind, as if bringing the 18-degree breeze of Provence in South France, which is comfortable and cool, and then wash it with L'Occitane verbena. Take a bath, refresh your vitality, feel cool and comfortable...

In addition to being a dedicated actor, Zhu Yilong is also a senior basketball lover. Talking about how to keep cool and comfortable while sweating, Zhu Yilong shared his "cool" tips: Before exercising, lightly spray the cool and refreshing L'Occitane Verbena Moisturizing Spray on the wrist , and then tie a sports wristband, which can not only cool down and remove heat, but also make the cool feeling last longer!

When bathing, apply L'Occitane Cooling Verbena Shower Gel directly on dry skin. The new ice-feeling formula instantly cools the body. Add water to rub the shower gel into rich and delicate foam, and enjoy the comfortable experience of bathing at 18 degrees! Even in the hot summer, don't forget to apply moisturizer. The L'Occitane Verbena series moisturizer has a light texture, and the fresh verbena fragrance can quickly refresh and relieve fatigue, injecting vitality into the body and mind.

"In addition to using the L'Occitane Verbena series to cool down during exercise, I think 'calm and natural coolness' is also a good way to cool down." Zhu Yilong said, "When you take a break, read a book, play the piano, and then give yourself a dip. After a cup of verbena tea, when you feel calm and comfortable in your heart, your body will naturally cool down.”

This summer, don't be afraid of the heat, let's enjoy a cool 18-degree bath time with Zhu Yilong!

L'Occitane offers 3 limited edition verbena sets: From May 13th to June 30th, 2019, whoever purchases the L'Occitane Zhu Yilong star set worth 530 yuan will receive an exclusive customized limited edition Zhu Yilong gift box (a total of 2 sets are available), Zhu Yilong's limited edition stickers and Verbena bath balls, a total of 5,000 sets, while stocks last; any purchase of over 1,500 yuan (including any L'Occitane Verbena product) can get a L'Occitane Verbena bath for free robes and the rich 5-piece L'Occitane travel suit, a total of 2000 sets, while stocks last.

L'Occitane Verbena Summer "Courtesy"

When you purchase L'Occitane Zhu Yilong Star Set (L'Occitane Cool Verbena Shower Gel 250ml or L'Occitane Fresh Verbena Shower Gel 250ml + L'Occitane Verbena Fresh Body Cream 250ml + L'Occitane Verbena Fresh Hand Cream 30ml) worth 530 yuan, you can get:

L'Occitane limited edition Zhu Yilong gift box 1

L'Occitane Cooling Verbena Bath Ball 1

1 limited edition Zhu Yilong verbena sticker

With any purchase of RMB 1,500 (including any L'Occitane Verbena product), you can receive:

L'Occitane Cool Verbena bathrobe 1 piece

       1 set of 5 L'Occitane travel packs

Refreshing and refreshing, refreshing a "summer"

L'Occitane Verbena Cooling Series

The new limited-edition L'Occitane Verbena Cooling Collection is made from hand-picked organic Verbena in southern France, extracted by steam distillation, and added with icy menthol to soothe and calm the body and skin, and effectively relieve the heat and dryness caused by summer. The body is uncomfortable and dry, while adding moisture to the skin, let the body enjoy the comfort and coolness like bathing at 18 degrees!

L'OCCITANE L'Occitane Verbena Cool Series (Limited New Product)

L'Occitane Cool Verbena Shower Gel (Limited Edition) is the flagship!

Gel texture, contains South French Provence lemon verbena extract and menthol, delicate foam, gently cleans the skin, soothes dryness and heat, and relaxes the body and mind.

For the first time, a new icy formula is added. First, apply the shower gel on dry skin to feel the cool and comfortable body, and then rub it with water to create rich and delicate foam, and enjoy a cool bath time.

L'Occitane Cool Verbena Scrub (Limited Edition) is the flagship!

Enriched with organic verbena, menthol and natural exfoliating ingredients. While effectively cleansing and exfoliating the skin, the skin is surrounded by the fresh fragrance of verbena mint, and you can feel the vitality and coolness without leaving home.

Smooth and matte texture, gently wash away dirt, refreshing and refreshing!

L'Occitane Cool Verbena Moisturizing Spray (Limited) is the flagship!

Delicate and moisturizing water spray, containing Provence lemon verbena extract, effectively replenishes moisture to the body skin, calms the body heat, and relieves the body dryness and discomfort caused by sports or extreme heat.

The bottle is small and slim, very easy to carry.

Pure and charming summer herbal fragrance

L'Occitane Verbena Fresh Collection

In addition to the new limited edition L'Occitane Cool Verbena series, the L'Occitane Classic Fresh Verbena series has always had a high popularity and topic. No one can resist the charm of verbena in the summer, the aroma of the ground leaves, and the soul of Provence. The classic packaging and bottle printed with verbena leaves, as well as the new leaf vein pattern fused with silver foil, all tell the vibrant and charming summer of Provence.

L'OCCITANE Fresh Verbena Collection (regular)

L'Occitane Verbena Fresh Hand Cream

Clear gel texture, contains soothing and calming lemon verbena essence, leaving the hands hydrated and dry after application, bringing a fresh, soft and moisturizing feeling.

Contains a refreshing tapioca powder formula, which can be quickly absorbed by the skin of the hands, adding a cooling feeling in real time, reducing hand sweat and swelling of the hands.

It is a very suitable for spring and summer, easy to sweat and use.

L'Occitane Fresh Verbena Shower Gel

  Contains Provence Lemon Verbena extract, fresh and transparent gel texture, it can be transformed into delicate foam upon contact with water, refreshing and smooth on the whole body skin.

Gentle formula, drive away the tiredness of the day and revive the skin's vitality.

Verbena extract, effectively calms the skin, relieves stress, and balances the mind and body.

L'Occitane Verbena Fresh Body Lotion

The texture is light, easy to absorb, softens the skin effectively, and adds a light fragrance to the whole body. Formulated with Lemon Verbena Extract for soothing and softening properties, and moisturizing glycerin, shea butter and grapeseed oil, it takes care of the skin, leaving it hydrated, smooth, and refreshed after application.

The light fragrance of fresh verbena can drive away the stress and tiredness of the whole day, and enjoy the stress-relieving and slow life like Provence in South France.

Pleasant and bright southern French fruit aroma

L'Occitane Verbena Fruity Series

If you like sweet and fruity scents, there is also a range of L'Occitane Verbena fruity scents to satisfy you! It has a prominent and playful fruity aroma and a refreshing citrus essence, sweet orange, grapefruit, lemon, and verbena, bringing a fragrant fruity feast. An uplifting light summer fragrance that adds a pleasant fragrance to the skin, feeling relaxed and energized.

L'OCCITANE Fruity Verbena Collection (regular)

L'Occitane Fruity Verbena Hand Cream

Lightweight cream texture, can be quickly absorbed, add lemon verbena extract and shea butter, can effectively moisturize the skin, tender and care for hands.

It is a very suitable for spring and summer, easy to sweat and use.

L'Occitane Fruity Verbena Shower Gel

The refreshing aroma of Provence lemon verbena, combined with the Italian pomelo fruit water that can enhance vitality, turns the shower into a fresh enjoyment!

When in contact with water, it transforms into delicate bubbles, refreshing and cleansing every inch of skin, driving away stress and fatigue.

L'Occitane Fruity Verbena Body Lotion

Contains lemon verbena extract from Provence, combined with Italian pomelo fruit water and lemon essential oil, light and refreshing texture, effectively moisturizes and softens the skin, injects fresh vitality into the skin, and emits a charming fragrance.

This summer, together with the L'Occitane Verbena series, let's start a summer with a cool 18 degrees!

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