Air bangs are already OUT IU's oxygen bangs are the latest fashion

2022-03-04 19:26

When it comes to Korean national sister IU, national first love Kim So Hyun and goddess Hani, what do you think of? Yes, air bangs! The three of them can be said to be the best spokespersons for this kind of airy bangs~ The air bangs trend has swept South Korea and even the Asian circle in recent years. Many celebrities and online beauty have cut this style, but it must be maintained' Air sense' is difficult! Not only is it difficult to organize, but it also depends on the face shape, which is not suitable for everyone. Is it true that you can only say goodbye with bangs in this life? Don't worry, today I want to share the latest Korean super-in hairstyle 'oxygen bangs', which is not only cute and easy to comb, but also easier to control than oxygen bangs. ~

What is the oxygen bangs? In fact, you can see a little clue from the name~ Oxygen is heavier than air, and oxygen bangs is a hairstyle with more weight than air bangs. It is between the thick and thick bangs and air bangs that were popular in the past. Just like the hairstyles of the two Korean online beauties above, they don't have the clear roots, but they still retain a little air, but they are not heavy and dull, just right.

The original air bangs are less demanding and more Korean, so designers will only focus on a little bit of a brief, but in a hot climate, the air bangs are really difficult to organize, and they collapse when they go out. Keep the usual hair curlers; otherwise, it is super freestyle, and the imperfect QQ grows every day. People who have cut this hairstyle must feel the same way. There must be girls who can’t live without hair curls every day. Rolling madman.

'Oxygen bangs' is between the two. It is the best choice for those who want to cut bangs. It retains the advantages, removes the shortcomings, and minimizes the damage~ Whether it is short hair, long hair, curly straight hair, it looks good with it , don't hesitate to start!

Gaying bangs finishing method in the same field: After blowing your hair in the morning, use the 'artifact' to curl your hair, put on makeup and then take it off (is it super convenient) Because it is slightly thicker than air bangs, it is not easy to appear too much The problem of sloping or radian is super ugly. However, if you want to make the arc look better and have plenty of time, you can use a flat clip to clamp a little smoother and more perfect~

Whether it is a star or an online beauty, many people have put on oxygen bangs, which not only looks more cute and immortal, but also not difficult to organize. Keep up with fashion and cut a wave of bangs!

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