Cute cat eye makeup, full of creativity~

2022-08-08 06:01

But how can the cute and loving meow girl refuse? So, have you ever tried to paint meows on eye makeup? Today , the editor of Mao Geping Makeup School will share a cat eye makeup tutorial for everyone. Girls who like to lick cats can try it~

Step 1: Draw the tall eyebrows first; then use the silver pearlescent eyeshadow as a primer.

Step 2: Use purple pearlescent eyeshadow to smudge the lower eyelid.

Step 3: Dip black eyeliner with an eyeliner brush, draw an eyeliner along the root of the upper eyelashes, thicken the end of the eye, and then paste the false eyelashes.

Step 4: Finally draw a cat pattern on the eyelids~

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