Givenchy fragrances incense in the name of love

2022-08-08 06:01

After three years of long-distance love, the freshness has faded. When life is flat, how can love be more lasting?

To comfort the pain of lovesickness through phone calls, videos, etc., and put on the clothes sent by the other party as if TA is next to him. These things you do often are far from enough. Are you eager to be more intimate with TA?

In the name of love, prepare practical and stylish gifts for loved ones; convey feelings with incense, and carefully select fragrances to express affection and sweetness. Even in different places, TA also has the fragrance you love.

Givenchy Urban Upstart Love Pink Eau de Toilette features two contrasting shades of pink. The impact of color brings out the bold yet sweetness of the fragrance, which is more stylish and appealing. The crystal-like transparent and retro bottle also continues the aristocratic side of the urban upstart perfume.

It exudes a sweet and fresh fruity top note, accompanied by the elegant fragrance of bamboo clear dew, and the soft floral main note blends in musk, blending the quirky temperament into a retro mood. Givenchy's urban upstart loves pink Eau de Toilette, which beautifully interprets the image of a young, honest and cool girl with a fragrance full of floral and fruity fragrance.

Givenchy Gentleman Paris Holiday Eau de Toilette combines sensuality and uninhibited pure and fresh fragrance. The fresh Mediterranean lemon top note brings a comfortable leisure feeling, which makes people feel as if they are on the streets of Paris, and can devote themselves to a relaxed and pleasant holiday life. The elegant keynote of sage reflects the gentleman's taste. And the sensual Haitian vetiver and ambroxol soften the masculine image.

Don't be afraid of being thousands of miles away, let your lover feel full of friendship with incense.

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