Revolutionary foundation makeup product - Maybelline grid foundation stunning launch

2022-03-04 19:26

Maybelline's revolutionary foundation product, the Grid Foundation, uncovers the secrets to a luminous, subtle, flawless finish.

Satisfy all the greed for base makeup: concealer, hydration, and light perception are all in one network, and the amazing perfect skin is born from this!

Maybelline Grid Foundation opens up a new era of foundation

The grid design of Maybelline Grid Foundation completely subverts your imagination of liquid foundation packaging. It is a small compact box, whether it is an emergency quick makeup before a party, or a temporary makeup during a party, it is small and easy to fit. In the handbag, there is no need for a large liquid foundation bottle anymore!

The grid design is the biggest highlight of this foundation: the unique dense mesh light pad, no need to press, swipe the dense mesh on the face until it fits, light and no pores, and let the skin bloom with natural radiance. Easily create a light-sensing makeup effect comparable to the heroine of "Queen Attack", allowing you to instantly present a natural and transparent goddess light!

Three steps to create a light, delicate, flawless goddess makeup

Step 1: Take the powder in a circle

Step 2: Dab on makeup

Step 3: Focus on covering

Do you want to have the perfect base makeup of "Queen Attack", choose Maybelline Grid Foundation, and immediately get a flawless base makeup that is moisturizing and translucent!

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