Will you really wear a fluffy teddy coat? See our recommended new ways.

2022-08-11 10:53

He Sui chose the basic collocation of black t+black leggings+earth-colored teddy bear coat, which is fashionable, simple and capable.

Zhang Yuxi's macaron-colored teddy bear coat is full of girlishness, and the all black interior is not boring because of the navel and bell-bottom details. After putting on the top hat, he is even more playful.

Zhong Chuxi is wearing jeans and Martin boots and t-shirt with caramel color Teddy coat. Simple and durable, full of youthful vigor.

Qin Lan's strawberry pink Teddy coat is also a new color this year. She paired with a high-neck beige sweater + light-colored jeans refreshing and girlish, and a pair of white shoes is full of vitality.

Xi Mengyao's black teddy coat with tassels on the cuffs is handsome and beautiful, and the red plaid shirt is stylish and neat. The bright yellow loewe crossbody bag is eye-catching and cute.

Teddy coats have been popular for so long, and I don’t want to be the same as last year’s collocation. Of course, when you wear it out this year, you should be more fashionable and eye-catching. Come and see our recommended new ways to wear teddy coats:

2019 fashionable dress method 1: matching suit is simple, convenient and fashionable.

Spring and autumn suits, jumpsuits and other suits can be taken out to match your Teddy coat at this time. Your look is still complete and exquisite when you take off your coat outdoors and indoors.

This year's super hot red teddy bear coat with red polka dot jumpsuit is refreshing and fashionable and very attractive. Royal blue pointed high heels increase the lightness of the shape and reduce the bloated feeling.

A white Teddy coat and a gray plaid suit are full of momentum, and shoes like this choose a pair of sneakers of the same color to help reduce the old-fashioned look of the suit coat.

If it is a wild Teddy coat of this kind of earth color, you can choose a bold color suit and accessories when matching it. Pay attention to the color of the shoes and the style will be more complete.

2019 recommended wear two: the cool and handsome attributes that come with leather pants and the lovely warmth of Teddy coat can not be missed.

These two materials mix and match together fashionable and beautiful. Red leather pants usually look exaggerated and unusual, but with a long white Teddy coat, it is refreshing. You can simply hold the overall look by choosing a solid color for the inner and boots.

If you want a cool and simple style, you can be all black like Hailey Bieber. Although it is all black, the different materials of leather pants and Teddy coat ensure that the style will not be old and boring, and you can also use accessories to enrich your style.

This leather item is not only limited to pants, but OL fashionistas who require ingenuity when matching can come and see this high-waist leather a-line skirt, wearing a Teddy coat full of air to keep warm and fashionable.

2019 recommended match three: romantic printed skirt with elegant girly feeling inside.

On the occasion of leaving the old and welcoming the new, there are so many parties. Girls who want to take off their coats and are still exquisite can consider putting on a skirt inside. Julia Roberts is wearing a black and white polka dot skirt + white Teddy coat girly feeling full. Pair with black polka dot decorative net stockings and pearl decorative flat shoes fashionable and elegant.

Don't miss the macaron color this winter. The gentle and delicate colors can best reflect the girly feeling. This way, the pink long skirt with blue Teddy coat is fresh and fashionable, and the white sneaker adds a sense of casualness to the look.

You can't go wrong with a suit of the same color, and it's also a very good choice. The soft, soft earth tone is very attractive and uplifting.

Bright yellow dress and denim trousers look good and keep warm. The color and Teddy coat match up to make the look rich and layered. The casual and romantic lace of the long skirt neutralizes the heaviness of the Teddy coat, which is very casual and elegant.

2019 recommended match 4: Chic pants and Teddy coat styles are changeable, handsome and beautiful.

Don’t rush to put away the denim shirts and denim jackets left in the spring. Get the handsome denim clothes and Teddy coat. The cool denim colors are suitable for basic camel or hot red. Pay attention to the shoes when matching. The color should be the same color as the coat, and the inner color should be as low-key and unassuming as possible. This style is definitely exquisite and ingenious fashion.

When wearing various sweaters in the Teddy coat, using jeans as the bottom will make the style very casual and refreshing, and matching with all kinds of short boots will not violate the sense of harmony in the slightest.

The classic collocation of sweater and jeans and sneaker is simple and youthful. When matching, you can choose this kind of teddy coat with a full sense of silhouette, plus a small clutch bag to make it more exquisite.

Girls who love fitness exercises can also be fashionable when they go out to work out in cold weather. A neat sports tights like this is enough to show thinness and high lines, and then casually put on a large Teddy coat will make you look more slender and fashionable.

The Teddy coat that has been popular for so long is more fashionable and beautiful this year. Have you thought about how to wear your Teddy coat if you are fashionable?

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