Experience the European way of life at the same price

2022-10-10 06:01

Today, Shanghai Chongya Trading Co., Ltd. announced that it will participate in a three-day exhibition at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center. For the first time, Ospace from Europe will introduce high-quality daily necessities from Europe to Chinese consumers in the form of an all-round experience space.

model store front

The overall image of Nakajima

In the past 20 years, China's economy has developed rapidly, and a large number of European luxury goods have been favored by Chinese consumers. With the establishment of an increasingly mature market, China's tasteful consumers are looking for physical and mental health and daily aesthetics. So Ospace European Life came into being. It respects the European way of life with a long history. It is committed to importing EU-standard daily necessities and selling them in China at the same price, so that Chinese consumers can feel the good life of "physical and mental oasis". Ospace is not only a retail center for original European daily necessities, but also an experience space for the original European lifestyle. O stands for Organic, Original, Oasis, and Optimist. This is the value of European leisurely quality of life, and it is also the condensed symbol of "beauty in body and mind" for Europeans.

back cabinet

Ospace Europe·Life advocates the best material, which can be converted into spiritual enjoyment. European daily necessities are trustworthy physical and mental care and comfortable life atmosphere. Nearly 100 kinds of European daily necessities will bring more choices to Chinese consumption. Each brand is a hot-selling product in the European market and has multiple functions. It truly embodies the excellent spirit of "an oasis of body and mind, originating from European life" conveyed by the brand.

Oriental Gem Turkey Series

Toothpaste Display

Ospace is determined to become the leader of China's first European imported living hall, and plans to enter China's retail terminals in a large scale to realize the operation and expansion of the O2O business model, and the nationwide franchise activities are also fully launched. From May 2016, Ospace Life will launch a series of store opening activities, such as the opening of the Ospace Life Experience Center in Shanghai Joy City this month; Star Global Harbor debuted. By the end of 2016, more than 100 stores are expected to meet Chinese consumers. Ospace ou·life brings a quality lifestyle in Europe.

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