Sleeping mask list for lazy people

2022-06-21 11:24

For those of us who are lazy cancer patients, a sleeping mask that can meet the skin care needs of hydrating, moisturizing, whitening, repairing, etc., and can also have a good night's sleep, is simply the greatest invention of the 21st century! As a lazy person who has read all kinds of sleeping masks, I will be diligent today to check the list of the best sleeping masks I have used.

Sleeping Mask No. 1: Lancome Hydrating Sleeping Mask

A must for home travel! A must for skin emergencies! I have been using this sleeping mask by Lancome. It smells lightly herbal and smells good. It has a white jelly texture, much like a Q-bomb jelly. It makes a good impression even before I use it, and the effect is even more amazing after applying it to my face. It is delicate and not heavy when applied to the face, and it absorbs quickly. There will be no pressure on the skin, and you will soon feel that the skin on your face is becoming tender. It can not only replenish moisture, but also lock in moisture very well. My skin is hydrated and brighter in the morning. After long-term use, the repairing effect is also quite obvious. Some dry lines and fine lines on the face have gradually disappeared, and the skin tone has also brightened a lot. In my opinion, this is the best mask list ever.

Sleeping Mask No. 2: Fresh Black Tea Firming Sleeping Mask

The best-smelling sleeping mask on the mask list! I love the smell of black tea. Apply a thick layer before going to bed. Just smelling the smell of black tea will make you sleep soundly. The texture is viscous, and the moisturizing effect is particularly good when applied to the face. After each use, the skin can feel fine and hydrated the next day, and after using it for a period of time, it does feel that the pores have become much smaller, especially after repeated use. The tightness in the T-zone part is relieved a lot. However, many girls do have the problem of rubbing mud. The texture is thick and heavy. If the basic care is not done well, it will be difficult to push it away, and it will feel muddy to the touch. So the front cleanser and toner are cleaned for the second time. also important.

Sleeping Mask No.3: Origins Hydrating Sleeping Mask

Just like its name, this sleeping mask from Origins can definitely make your skin hydrated. White cream texture, light fruit fragrance, good ductility, I squeeze a little in the palm of my hand, rub it first, and then apply it to your face with massage techniques. I can feel that the skin is covered with a thin layer of moisturizing film, and it has been completely absorbed when I wake up the next day. The skin feels particularly smooth after drinking enough water for one night. However, it is a little too greasy for oily skin. Many women with oily skin feel that the T-zone is very oily after using it, and the face becomes oily the next day. That's probably why Oringins has a mixed record on the mask charts.

The above are the three models that must be Amway on my sleep mask list. Of course, there are many other easy-to-use sleep masks. The most important thing is to suit your own skin type and skin care needs. You are also welcome to plant grass for you. Let's "lazy" become a beautiful little fairy together.

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