Fan Ye is too beautiful to be human? God owes you micro plastic surgery back to you

2023-01-02 06:01

In fact, in addition to Fan Bingbing, there are many "extremely beautiful" female stars in the entertainment industry, and nowadays the public is more and more accepting of plastic surgery, and these "fairy" actresses who are "beautiful not like humans" have their own characteristics. It has gradually become a plastic surgery template for MMs!

Fairy representative: Fan Bingbing

Parts that can be imitated: Delicate V face

Fan Bingbing's facial features are very clear, such as an awl face cut with a knife , almond eyes, and a cherry mouth. She is a typical Chinese beauty, combining classical and modern temperament at the same time. The shatterable ceramic skin and the charming eyes are all extremely perfect, especially the awl little V face that is so extreme that it can't be believed, no wonder it is praised as "beautiful not like humans".

Micro plastic surgery to create a V-face: Face- lifting needles have the advantages of non-invasive, non-surgical, no recovery period, safe and effective, and are the preferred method to create a delicate V-face. Face-lifting acupuncture is essentially the use of botulinum toxin injection to treat masseter hypertrophy. The principle of face-lifting acupuncture is to block the nerve impulses of nerves and muscles, relax over-contracted muscles, and paralyze over-developed muscles. It uses paralyzed muscles to To achieve the purpose, the original hypertrophic and hypertrophic muscles can be reduced to achieve the effect of small face.

Fairy representative: Gao Yuanyuan Parts that can be imitated: color TV eyes, Gao Yuanyuan, thick eyebrows, big eyes, high nose bridge, small lips, at first glance, she is the type of traditional Peugeot beauties. Of course, she has her beauty, Gao Yuanyuan's eyes are very colorful, and the thick eyebrows and big eyes make the whole person very smart and smelly, and she is a model of tall and temperamental beauty.

Micro plastic surgery to create electric eyes: minimally invasive double eyelid surgery , as the top of the five senses gaze. Minimally invasive double eyelid surgery only makes a small incision on each end of the upper eyelid. After fat extraction and skin tightening, natural double eyelid can be formed, leaving no traces after the operation. The coordination of the organization and the symmetry of the eyes are accurate to millimeters. After the double eyelid is formed, it is very natural and has a charm.

Fairy representative: angelababy can be imitated parts: sexy lips Lips are often considered to be a person full of charm and sexy parts. Many MM want to have sexy lips like angelababy, and now more and more people want to improve their lip shape through lip enhancement.

Micro-shaping to create plump lips: hyaluronic acid lip plumping Hyaluronic acid lip plumping is the most commonly used method for lip plumping. It is hypoallergenic and non-rejective, and is currently one of the most widely used injectable lip fillers in the beauty market. It is also used in hypodermic injections to prevent wrinkles.

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