Yu Feihong and Mei Ting framed my "girly feeling" and was crushed into dust

2023-01-02 06:01

1. Far away from the girlishness, their royal sister Faner is worshipped.

1. Yuan Quan-Free Hibiscus

We met Yuan Quan in two fashion weeks this year. At the airport where she left for fashion week, she was wearing Prada's black knee-length trench coat with a black wool knit dress, short boots, accessories and suitcases of the same color. All Black appeared low-key.

Yuan Quan in the Prada show has neat brown-black short hair, innocent diamond sweaters, plaid skirts, or handsome and neutral motorcycle leather jackets. Yuan Quan's own aura can always be perfectly controlled.

The impression of Yuan Quan seems to always be this casual and fluffy first love short hair, a pair of talking eyes and a healing smile, even if she is wearing a rigorous suit and shirt, she can't conceal her temperament.

In the past year or two, Yuan Quan has once again returned to the public eye, Miss Wu from "The History of Romantic Demise", and Tang Jing, the "Bone Essence" in the workplace in the film and television series "My First Half of My Life" which was hit last year.

The hustle and bustle of the showbiz and the glitz have nothing to do with Yuan Quan. Regarding fame and fortune, she has focused on drama performances for more than ten years.

As she said, “Life is gradual, everything happens slowly, and all you can do is feel, do, and accept slowly, just in the moment. It’s not like that."

Now she has a happy family and leads the most comfortable and happy life she thinks.

2. Yu Feihong-the life mentor of love

Recently, at the age of 47, Yu Feihong, who has not been married, had an interview about marriage and love in an interview that maxed out online platforms. Many questions about singleness, marriage, life choices and other current girls focus and worry, Yu Feihong talked and laughed, and answered them with ease. Netizens said one after another: Ms. Yu Feihong is my life mentor!

Teacher Yu believes: "When a girl is young, it is more important to see the world, experience more, and find yourself than to find the home of love, so that you will not be easily deceived. I am not opposed to all forms, the most important thing is It’s your own choice. Marriage, unmarried, single, being together but not choosing marriage are all a way of life, and any one of us is completely free to choose any form."

In a certain event, Yu Feihong and Mei Ting were in the same frame. The years seemed to have forgotten to leave marks on them. Perhaps some wrinkles could be seen at the corners of their eyes, but their eyes were still gleaming, so the temperament deposited by time can never be learned. .

The 47-year-old Yu Feihong has become the envious look of all girls: beautiful, rich, free, and intelligent. You can do whatever you want, and love whoever you want.

Many viewers still remember her role as "Jinghong Fairy" in "Little Li Feidao". Now nearly 20 years have passed, and Yu Feihong is still beautiful and outstanding. The faint smile that is neither humble nor humble, the tone that is neither high nor low, and the inadvertent look back, all make people addicted.

Not only did the years not take away her beauty, but instead precipitated her inner-out temperament, making him more gentle and dignified, calm and unhurried, she lived thoroughly and understood.

3. Xin Zhilei-Love and hate are written on the face

The hateful concubine Jia Fei in "Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace" is off the assembly line, and the ending is so terrible that you can't hate it. Looking back at Jin Yuyan's life, she always worked for others and worked her out. After all, she was also a little girl trapped by love.

In fact, Xin Zhilei’s arrogance and ambition are very similar to the Jia Fei in the play. Some people say that she: "A Buddha with her head down, and a demon with her eyes up." Someone asked: "What a girl who is not easy to provoke looks like at first glance. "The answer given by the netizen was Xin Zhilei.

Outside the show, Yu Jie Lei Xin Zhilei is full of fan, high-level looks and tall figure make her very popular with fashion brands.

The silhouette suit jacket is the single product she wears most often.

4. Tan Zhuo-She is so beautiful outside the play

Many people are unfamiliar with the name Tan Zhuo, but when it comes to Concubine Gao, no one knows it. The villain starred in this summer exploded, so Tan Zhuo also officially entered the public's attention.

Liu Sihui in the movie "I'm Not the God of Medicine" is also her, haven't you reacted yet? After all, Concubine Gao's dress impressed people too deeply, and Tan Zhuo outside the play was very different.

Tan Zhuo's high coldness is inherent, perhaps because of this, her smile can also bring warmth in an instant. Different from the domineering concubine Gao Guifei in the play, she outside the Forbidden City has more of the intellectual beauty of a traditional oriental woman, and her faint expression is also full of mature charm.

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