Why do programmers like Yui Aragaki?

2023-01-02 06:01

There are only two kinds of girls in the world

One is gakki who laughs

The rest are other girls

Yui Aragaki's fans' "nickname" for her

On Chinese social platforms

She has another name-"wife"

Many people are asking

Why is Yui Aragaki called Gakki?

Is her in life the same as her in the TV series?

Why doesn't she open a social account and like to raise reptiles?

What kind of person is Yui Aragaki?

Want me to say

It's totally meaningless to answer these questions

Because these reasons are not important at all

How many straight men like Gakki

Would you mind if she is too tall, has a small body, big feet and small breasts?

"Gakki doesn't have to do anything, just laugh."

in China

There are millions of straight men

Dreaming of marrying her home as a wife

Even when I return to Japan

Her popularity is also officially certified

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