How outrageous can allergens be? How to improve skin barrier function?

2023-01-02 06:01

The topic of #allergens can be so outrageous# is on the hot search. It turned out that the sixth "China Allergy Prevention Week" in China has just passed, which triggered extensive discussions among netizens this time.

According to the World Allergy Organization (WAO), allergic diseases have increased at least three-fold in the past 30 years. At present, the global prevalence rate has reached 22%, and hundreds of millions of patients suffer from allergies. The incidence of severe allergic reactions is 50-120 cases per 100,000 people per year.

There are all kinds of allergens in the world, and there are so many allergic things that it is impossible to prevent them. Many allergens are unexpected. Foods include fish, cattle and sheep, milk, shrimps and crabs, rice, onion, ginger and garlic, etc.; inhalants include pollen, Allergies to house dust mites and microorganisms; living environments include sunlight, heat, dryness, animal skin, and hair; various chemicals such as cosmetics, soaps, synthetic fibers, etc., and even mental stress and work pressure can cause allergies.

CCTV interviewed the director of the Allergy (Allergy) Reaction Department of Union Hospital. The expert said: "Adults are different from children. The primary cause of severe allergic reactions in children is milk, followed by eggs. The first reason for adults is wheat, followed by fruits and vegetables. The common drugs that cause allergic reactions, mainly antibiotics, as well as antipyretic analgesics are relatively common, and there may be some such as anesthetics and muscle relaxants.”

Allergies have thousands of manifestations, such as sneezing, nasal congestion, watery eyes, itchy skin, hives, diarrhea, etc. If a severe allergic reaction occurs, it can also lead to the well-known respiratory obstruction or circulatory failure.

There are also allergens that can still be seen. A small number of people are suddenly allergic but can't find the allergen. They go to the hospital for treatment and are optimistic, but they relapse again and again the next year. I just couldn't find out the allergen. I went to see a doctor with many years of clinical experience, but was told that it was a psychosomatic skin disease, which is related to emotions!

If you know exactly what your allergens are, be sure to stay away from them or cut them off.

Protecting your skin barrier daily can also reduce the occurrence of allergies. It is now in the season of summer and autumn, and the climate change and temperature difference are very large, which is also a period that is easy to cause allergies. This issue of "Health and Beauty" magazine invites experts to interpret it for everyone.

Responsible for the skin barrier function is the stratum corneum on the surface of the skin. If the stratum corneum is tightly fitted, the barrier function can function normally, but if there is a gap in the stratum corneum due to dryness or other reasons, the barrier function will decrease, and irritants will enter the skin. After the water evaporates, the drying is intensified and a sensitive state is formed. The nerves that sense itching also extend below the stratum corneum.

The number of people who feel that "I have sensitive skin" is increasing, and skin care brands for sensitive skin are becoming more and more popular. "Although there is no medical definition for sensitive skin, the main elements are listed in the 6 categories above. The common denominator is that low skin barrier function is the main reason." said Takashi Eto, Vice President of ATAGO Dermatology.

Barrier function refers to the function of protecting the skin from various external stimuli while locking in moisture deep within the skin. The barrier function is prone to decline due to the effects of drying, frictional irritation, UV rays, etc. In addition, rough skin and acne caused by masks have also increased sharply this year.

"There is no clear data on why masks can cause skin problems, but the thin skin around the mouth and chin is damaged due to the friction and stimulation of the mask, and the barrier function is easily reduced." Said Director Saji Nagisa of IDEREA SKINCLINIC Daikanyama.

Insufficient moisturizing dose: Have you carefully checked the standard of moisturizing agent usage on the label of each skin care product?

Not using proper moisturizing products: Moisturizing ingredients that repair the barrier function of sensitive skin are most suitable, such as ingredients such as ceramides.

Massage into Absorption: If you rub vigorously with your fingertips, it will wipe away the moisturizer instead. Gently apply the moisturizing product to the skin and allow it to penetrate naturally.

How can the barrier function be prevented from decreasing? "Moisturizing is the most important thing. Choose a moisturizing agent that suits you, and apply an appropriate amount. The condition of your skin will improve if you keep using it every day." Immediately switching to a new moisturizer will also cause the skin to repeatedly roughen. It is recommended to keep a moisturizer that protects the skin and can be used with peace of mind.” (Director Saji) If the skin has problems such as redness, rash, tingling, etc., Please see a dermatologist as soon as possible.

A medical moisturizer was applied to the dry skin on the curved side of the forearm, and the effect of the moisturizer was evaluated according to the amount and frequency of application of the moisturizer. The results show that the same amount of application, compared to applying once a day, applying twice a day can increase the moisture content of the stratum corneum. After about 1 week, the moisturizing effect remains basically constant.

Sensitive skin care

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