Four makeup looks that must be hot in spring teach you to stand on the commanding heights of the crowd

2023-01-02 06:01

A few days ago, I saw the cherry blossoms in Yuantouzhu, Wuxi, on the Internet, and suddenly realized that it is the cherry blossom season again.

Let's look at the brands that I follow. There must be no shortage of cherry blossom-limited items. Although many people say that everyone is cooking cold rice, but! The face value is still online, and the editor's wallet is still convinced. Let me first show you what you have ↓

When it comes to the cherry blossom season, everyone must know Starbucks' cat paw cups~ At that time, someone in the store fought for a cup, and the degree of exaggeration was high. Unexpectedly, it was replaced by its signature bear this year, which is cute and upgraded, and other cups of the same series are also super beautiful!

Many other Japanese brands such as Shiseido have also released super beautiful cherry blossoms, and cherry blossom-related makeup has also begun to spread across major platforms such as Xiaohongshu.

cr: Little Red Book @Caramel Caramel?

The cherry blossoms are really beautiful, but there are many flowers and plants with bright and moving colors, and many even have Pantone color numbers. I believe you have seen them all the time. Today, let me take you to a plate of makeup and products of those plant colors↓

Cherry Blossom Powder

The first one is to return to the cherry blossom color of our protagonist. Although it is pink, it is actually very light and light, even a little whitish, and the saturation is super low. Just like a young girl in love, she was born for spring.

cr: magazine fan app

There are many cherry blossom colors in the daily makeup look. The clear base makeup is matched with cherry blossom eye shadows and blushes. The whole makeup looks like a spring breeze.

Products Recommended

Laduree Cherry Blossom Petal Blush

Reference price: ¥600

Laduree can be said to be the face value ceiling of girls' makeup, and the new cherry blossom limit this time is another big move. The classic blush Gu is full of French retro-style temperament, coupled with cherry blossom petal-shaped blush blocks, as if it is a portable ornament accidentally dropped by a fairy.

The color of the blush is also clear cherry blossom powder. The color is very fresh. You can just use a brush to sweep it. The color rendering is very good. Although the price is not very cheap, it can also make you feel happy when you put it at home. Dress up its designers.

TOMFORD Quad Eyeshadow #30

Reference price: ¥720

This eye shadow of TOMFORD is really amazing. As a new four-color eye shadow for spring, this time it has mixed the two colors of powder and gray in an unusual harmony. Among them, the sequin color of cherry blossom powder is the highlight of the whole eye shadow. After smearing, it will emit some silver light. It is used to brighten the eyes and let you have fairy eyes in minutes.

cr: Little Red Book @ Tongue Can Peach Blossom

The other two matte colors are also more everyday, and you can't go wrong with commuting and dating. In addition, its powder quality is super excellent, one of the best ladylike textures, delicate, soft and silky, and the color rendering is just right. The price is really worth it.

NARS Soft Light Stick Lipstick #ORGASM

Reference price: ¥240

The super gentle cherry blossom powder is like cherry blossom petals falling on the lake when you put it on your mouth, sparkling and delicate. If you apply it thinly, it is like your own lip color. It is very light flesh pink, and if you apply it thickly, it will be more obvious, because the color is clearer and will change according to your own lip color.

The moisturizing texture is super smooth on the lips and feels like a lip balm. Of course, the color rendering and durability may be slightly weaker, which is also a common problem with moisturizing lipsticks, just apply a few more times.

dry rose powder

After talking about the cherry blossom powder, let's talk about another very hot pink - dry rose. This kind of color will be heavier than the cherry blossom powder, and the gray tone will be more obvious. When you see this kind of color, the words that pop up in your head are Retro gentle and temperament.

cr: magazine fan app

Dry rose-colored makeup is very feminine, usually mainly reflected in eye shadows and lipsticks. Because the saturation is not high, it is very easy to control.

Products Recommended

3CE Jiugongge Eyeshadow #drybouquet

Reference price: ¥230

This eyeshadow is a new product from 3CE. There are really too many popular styles. This time, it is scheduled to be a hit. The main color is dry rose powder, with some orange and brown tones added. The saturation is not high. An eyeshadow palette suitable for Asians. And although it is a red eyeshadow palette, it does not show any swelling of the eyelids at all, and it is very good for photo dates.

The nine colors are all matte textures, and the color rendering is very good in Korean makeup, and it is also very delicate. One plate can be matched with different styles of makeup, and the price is not high, and the price/performance ratio is really excellent.

unny monochrome blush #m302

Reference price: ¥49

As a new Korean brand, Unny's products are really cheap and easy to use, and you don't feel bad about buying them. This single-color blush is also a treasure item. It is also a dry rose color with a smoky feeling. After applying it, it blends into the skin tone naturally. unexpected.

The powder quality of the blush is not bad, it is relatively smooth, and the color is high. It may be a little dry, but it is not a big problem. In addition, there are many tender colors in the same series that are also super beautiful, and Lilizi himself plans to all in!

Lancome Water Ice Blue Tube Lipstick #08

Reference price: ¥285

Lancome's rose color and milk tea color palette are amazing. This rosy lipstick with a clear texture is like a bowl of sweet rose bean paste. It is cool and transparent, and it is super gentle after you put it on your mouth. It can be applied There are too many occasions, a must for temperament girls.

Because the lip balm has a moisturizing texture, you don't have to worry about the state of your mouth. It is no problem to use it as a lip balm. It is just a small disadvantage that it is not long-lasting. It may fade after a few bites of rice. Just make up for it~

primrose yellow

Speaking of yellow makeup, Primrose Yellow, the popular color of Pantone in 2017, is definitely the color of choice. Compared with the bright lemon yellow, it is more stable and more inclusive. It is now mostly used in clothing design.

Yellow makeup mainly feels refreshing and breathing, and it also makes the whole person full of vitality, so it often appears in spring and summer makeup. Generally, yellow is not used in a large area, mainly in the eye makeup part, which can be eye shadow or eyeliner as the finishing touch. In addition, blush yellow has also been very popular in recent years, but in order to control it better, most people still use it in combination with blush.

Products Recommended

Yeast Caramel Amber Eyeshadow Palette #04

Reference price: ¥149

The momentum of yeast color has really become more and more fierce in recent years, and it has made a qualitative leap in theme creativity and packaging design. There is the Lele Tea co-branded series in the front, and the Millennium Spice Girls series in the back. The eyeshadow palette of this amber series is packaged like an amber stone, with a translucent frosted material and a retro feel. The yellow in the eyeshadow palette is the highlight of the entire palette. With other earth-colored eyeshadows, it can be eye-catching for both daily commuting and gatherings.

And the powder quality is also good, it is not easy to fly powder, the color rendering is average, and it can be stacked twice as needed. Sisters with swollen eyes can also start with confidence. This plan is a multi-purpose plate, and even highlights are included for you. You can travel all over the world with one plate in hand.

orange eyeliner

Reference price: ¥35

The old master of domestic products, Orange, should be known to everyone. This yellow eyeliner from his family is really amazing. This color is brighter than ginger yellow. It is a very positive primrose yellow and can be used in creative eye makeup. , you can also just paint the end of the eye for the finishing touch.

The thickness of the eyeliner is moderate, the water is very smooth, and it is very smooth when drawing. In addition, the price of the orange family is too conscientious, and you don't have to feel distressed to start with multiple colors at once.

SUQQU Blush #119 Tangerine Heavy

Reference price: ¥400

SUQQU's blush has always been a star product. The blush I pushed is its 2020 spring and summer limited edition. It adopts an origami design that is different from the previous gradient, and it is full of daily miscellaneous feelings. The color of the blush has been perfectly reflected by the color name. The orange-yellow like a mandarin orange is paired with a touch of ginger. The two are mixed together on the face, and the face feels fresh and full, as if it is watery.

If you are afraid that the yellow is too abrupt, it is also a good choice to mix in some pink. Its powder quality is very high-grade, it goes without saying that it is delicate and smooth, and it does not fly powder, it is indeed called a lady's makeup.

Lubing flower purple

Purple has really been a popular trend in the past two years. It can be seen in both clothes and makeup, especially Lu Binghua purple, a kind of purple with high saturation and brightness, which has been extremely popular in recent years.

At present, most of the purple makeup looks are of two types, one is daily makeup with a strong sense of transparency, and the other is bold and bright European and American makeup. No matter what kind it is, it is very suitable for spring. The girly atmosphere is very strong, as if walking in Monet's garden, and it is also very friendly to the facial features of Asians.

Products Recommended

URBANDECAY Twelve Eyeshadow Palette

#purple cloud galaxy

Reference price: ¥420

When it comes to purple eyeshadow palettes, I have to talk about this palette from UD, which is mainly purple, with purples of different saturation and lightness, as well as more everyday orange-pink. The color matching and packaging of the whole palette perfectly restore Ziyun Galaxy, you can use it in daily life or play with makeup as creative content.

The powder in this plate is super pigmented, but there is a slight phenomenon of flying powder. You can use a tissue to pad it when applying eye makeup to avoid soiling the base makeup. Others are really fine.

Clinique Daisy Blush #baby marble pop

Reference price: ¥145

Clinique's classic daisy blush, #15, this purple was super popular back then, but after all, there are still many yellow-skinned sisters around us, so we all stay away from this blush. Fortunately, Clinique later released an Asian limited color, adding a smoky rose tone to the purple, and the whole turned into a pinkish purple, with some fine shimmers, which perfectly blended with the skin tone, giving a girlish feeling of shyness.

In addition, the pressure plate of the daisy blush is really solid. Don’t look at this small piece, it can be used for a long time, and the color rendering is also very good. Colored.

MAC Lip Glaze #983

Reference price: ¥210

Purple lipstick is too dead, so plum-colored lipstick successfully became a substitute. MAC's lip glaze really has to be described as beautiful, strong and miserable. It's good-looking but unpopular. The rich glutinous rice and plum color is not too high in gray tones, but it is still relatively easy to control.

The texture of the matte lip glaze is relatively smooth, and it is very pigmented. It does not show lip lines and does not stick to the cup. It is really strong.

Written at the end of the article, the cherry blossoms in Yuantouzhu, Wuxi were mentioned at the beginning. The editor has already packed up and prepared to go, but in the end, I found that there were too many people to explode, and I was perfectly persuaded to quit. Do you have any cherry blossoms in your city to watch? Welcome to tell me what beautiful scenery you have in your hometown in the comment area!

Well, there are actually many other plant-colored makeups, such as the super popular avocado green before! What color makeup do you usually like? If you have any useful makeup items, please share them with me!

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