Washing your hair every day can't save your oily bangs? You should pay attention to these minefields

2022-06-11 10:17

Minefield 1: Don't "fiddle" with bangs with your hands

In fact, your fingers secrete a lot of oil every day. If you often use your hands to play with your bangs, the oil will stay in your bangs. Even if your scalp is not prone to oil, it will definitely make your bangs greasy and flat.

Minefield 2: Combing your hair too often is wrong.

I believe that many girls will carry a comb with them or in the office, so that they can organize their hair anytime, anywhere. Numerous studies have also shown that brushing your hair does stimulate the scalp and enhance the shine of your hair. But because of this, brushing your hair frequently will promote the secretion of scalp oil. If you happen to be oily, it will definitely collapse. So if you want to keep your hair fluffy, brush it as little as possible.

Minefield 3: It's really wrong to wash your hair every day.

In fact, it is a "historical question" whether to wash your hair every day. Many people think that their hair is prone to oil, so they should wash their hair every day. But in fact, if you clean it too much, it will make the hair follicles produce more oil to protect the scalp. Over time, the hair will become greasy, so it is recommended to reduce the frequency of washing or reduce the use of cleaning products.

Want to hold on all day, in addition to those oversized dry hair sprays, there is "it" to save your embarrassment.

makeup setting powder

Delicate girls always bring some touch-up products and always carry a setting powder with them. Of course, it can not only help the face to set makeup, control oil, but also save the sagging bangs. If your hair feels oily, sprinkle a little powder on the base of your bangs to refresh your scalp. There are also many girls who choose talcum powder, all of which have the same effect.

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