Fashionable manicure, a good choice for outing on May Day

2022-03-04 19:26

The May Day holiday is coming soon, do you have any plans for the girls to travel? Now that you have decided to go out and play, how can you be worthy of the beautiful scenery and vacation if you don't dress yourself up? Today , the editor of Mao Geping Makeup School will bring a stylish and magnificent manicure that will make your May Day outing even your fingertips beautiful.

Step1: The first layer of red nail polish is used as a primer.

Step2: Apply transparent gel.

Step3: Repeat the coloring to make the color more saturated.

Step4: Nail face embellished with shell ornaments.

Step5: Bright nail oil seal layer.

Step6: Apply white and red nail polish on the remaining nail surface, and embellish it with small round diamonds on the other red nail surface to add a sense of fashion. Finally, use a bright nail polish seal layer as well. If you want to go out beautifully, I'm going to put away this nail art tutorial.

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