Gao Yuanyuan's one thousand yuan bag is beautiful and beautiful for two years

2023-01-30 06:01

Follow Shuang Sister to buy small handbags, you're right!

In the past two weeks, Zheng Shuang’s business frequency is really good. In her airport street shooting, COCO has also planted a lot of items. Among them, the small-sized handbags are very attractive to the CO. The small one is dotted in the clothing. Up, refined up up.

Handbag from: Gucci

Handbag: MCQ (left) Prada (right)

Source: @小蛋壳0822

Ni Ni, "Miao Chief" who loves carrying small handbags, has recently picked up a few consecutively, and staged iron-clad small handbags and various dresses in flowing water in real time.

Handbag from: Gucci

COCO feels that although their big-name handbags are beautiful, but the wallet man is always heartbroken. Fortunately, the slum girl Ben CO has found some conscientious niche brands. With a basic budget of 1,000 yuan, they can receive a good package comparable to luxury design and quality. Tell COCO what you are still hesitating! ! !

This Hishop double eleven event has gathered a lot of niche handbags for everyone. Our Hishop is the official e-commerce platform operated by COSMOPOLITAN. Many domestic independent designers have been invited to settle in, and some have cooperated with overseas e-commerce and brand official websites. The discounts are leveraged and the genuine products are maintained, which saves a lot of waiting time for overseas shopping! Isn't it very caring? (Prouding)

Around a thousand yuan, come here


COCO saw this handbag in a photo taken by Gao Yuanyuan some time ago. She carried this handbag on her back for two years. The small arched body design, with a unique golden bracelet-style handle, is very refined and texture online. The price is only more than 1,000 in one check, and it feels like you have to start.

The entire handbag is made of sheepskin, which feels very good to the touch.

IRIDESCENCE New York Chelsea series

1295 RMB after 30% off

This handbag comes from Iridescence New York, a cutting-edge designer luggage brand founded in New York, USA. The overall style has an American relaxed and smooth fashion sense, but also has the outdated versatile and elegant. The brand gene is to combine the simplicity and smoothness of New York with the elegant art of Paris, exuding a relaxed and luxurious fashion charm. In addition to Yuanyuan's Chelsea series, other series are also very good.

For example, O-Ring, this is IRIDESCENCE New York's It bag, the body is mainly made of suede, top layer cowhide or high-quality velvet, and the metal ring is impacted, which is casual and elegant.

This season also launched corduroy handbags, full of retro feeling.

IRIDESCENCE New York 491 RMB after 40% off

An O-Ring series can be unlocked in several ways to wear it. It can be held directly in your hand, or you can use a belt to tie it around your waist as a pocket, which is quite unique.

Next week, the girls in the northern region will accept the destruction below zero. IRIDESCENCE New York is also very intimate to launch the plush style handbags, some are spliced ​​on the bag, and some are directly turned into a furry style. Your girly heart.

IRIDESCENCE New York 10% off 252 RMB

Plush handle

IRIDESCENCE New York 10% off 2655 RMB

IRIDESCENCE New York 10% off 2565 RMB

Princess Megan’s favorite handbag, Strathberry, must have a name, and she will mention Strathberry when she attends many formal events.

Strathberry 20% off 4226 RMB

Strathberry 20% off 5238 RMB

Strathberry is a very young brand, only 6 years old. Although it is a British brand, the brand's bags are hand-made by very experienced Spanish senior craftsmen. From the selection of materials to the painting of the oil edges are controlled layer by layer. Each bag takes at least 15 hours to make Completion is full of ingenuity.

The recognition is also high, and the metal bar decoration is the biggest symbol of the brand. In fact, before Meghan Markle used this bag, Strathberry was very famous in the fashion circle. Many icons on the street outside fashion week like to use it for matching.

The hot money on the official website is all about grabbing, and it will be out of stock if you don't pay attention. Girls who commute can choose the Tote series mentioned by Princess Megan many times. The size is large enough and the weight of the whole bag is not too heavy. It is a very practical style.

The Tote series also has a furry style, which is full of cuteness in winter.

Strathberry 20% off 3984 RMB

The shape of the Crescent shoulder is a bit like an envelope, and the color-blocking style has two replacement hand straps, which is very considerate.

Strathberry 20% off 4226 RMB

The petite girl recommends East/West, which is also the style of many young and fashionable icon picks. It is matched with a metal chain, which will be more lively as a whole.

Song Yanfei

Han Xue

Strathberry 20% off 3662 RMB

Girls who have bought Strathberry handbags know that there are generally no discounts. This time the brand also has a special 20% discount!

The reality of Staud's handbags is too prominent, and the eye-catching retro fan grows in COCO's aesthetics.

Zhang Li

Staud 1580 RMB

Staud was founded in Los Angeles in 2015 by former Fashion Director Sarah Staudinger and partner George Augusto of Reformation. It has only been 4 years, but it is already a must-have in all fashionable icon wardrobes.

Staud wool bag 1249 RMB

Staud’s bags are highly recognizable, with a simple body design with a stiff silhouette, especially retro. The body of the bag is made of full cowhide, and the closure is suede, which has a particularly good texture.

However, the most important thing is that the price of handbags is extremely down-to-earth, and the discount is only about 1,000 yuan.

1904 RMB after 30% off Staud bucket bag

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs' camera bag is also a familiar bag. The materials and colors introduced this season are all cute and lively.

Yang Zi

Marc Jacobs 2405 RMB

The Pillow handbag looks like a pillow that has always been extremely soft and comfortable, exuding a lazy atmosphere. It is not only versatile in any style, you will also enjoy the feeling of holding it in your arms!

Marc Jacobs 3451 RMB

About one hundred yuan, just buy it

A. Cloud

The design of A.Cloud is characterized by the bag shape of the 60s-80s, and its appearance not only maintains the retro 60s-80s, but also combines modern simplicity. "Find a balance between modern simplicity and retro girlishness." In addition, the price of A.Cloud will increase by 10%~15% after activities in Hishop. Girls who like it must hurry up and buy it.

A. Cloud 764 RMB after 10% discount

The Balance series is designed on the basis of round geometric figures, with a soft and smooth appearance, full of feminine charm. The dots on the hijab seem to add a bit of girlishness to mature and elegant women.

A. Cloud 764 RMB after 10% discount

There is also this kind of more simple small handbag, which is a little less restrictive in interpretation and greatly increases the practicality of the bag. The embossed crocodile leather is full of high-quality texture.

A. Cloud 1079 RMB after 10% discount

The solid color is a bit more lively and jumping.

A. Cloud 692 RMB after 10% discount

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The style of the waist bag can be directly copied from the look book when wearing a coat, which is elegant and intellectual.

A. Cloud 575 RMB after 10% discount

Unitude was founded in 2015, the brand is committed to creating a relaxed and unique fashion lifestyle. In 2016, Unitude entered fashion showrooms in New York and Stockholm, and was favored by many fashion bloggers, editors and buyers around the world.

Unitude 10% off 479 RMB

The Bambi series is a simple geometric silhouette portable messenger bag, with an origami-style knotted belt decorated with a solid color glossy leather handbag, which is simple, individual and layered.

Unitude 10% off 479 RMB

Knot series handbags, exquisite knots and leather texture collide, with a fresh and artistic holiday beach style. A large-capacity tote bag with a small detachable zipper bag inside, which means you can buy two bags for a few hundred yuan and feels great value!

Unitude 7.8% off 479 RMB

There are also many round designs in their home. The splicing of the round outline and the silver texture rectangle adds a sense of geometric shape. The unique color contrast design is trendy and attractive.

626 RMB after Unitude 5% discount

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The circular design of the portable part is also quite exciting.

721 RMB after Unitude 5% discount

With a half-moon profile and moderate length shoulder straps, you must have this underarm bag.

559 RMB after Unitude 5% discount

As for the sauce, there are more beautiful styles hidden in the topic. After writing this article, COCO is happy to go.

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