GIADA Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Show - Exploring the eternal connection with nature

2022-12-19 06:02

At 10:00 am on September 24th, Milan time, the GIADA 2021 spring and summer fashion show opened grandly. With the theme of "Explore GIADA House", this fashion show combines online and offline dual screenings to bring GIADA's global flagship store in Milan to every corner of the world. The offline exhibition is located in the GIADA House at No. 15 Montenapoleone Street in Milan. It was designed by Giuseppe Silvestrin, a well-known Italian art space master, and performed a new way of opening the show in the open five-storey retail space.

The creative director of GIADA, Gabriele Colangelo, draws inspiration from the works of Gjon Mili, Rebecca Horn and Naum Gabo this season, taking nature as the environment and exploring the eternal connection with the environment. This time, the designer turned his attention to rocks and minerals, and created a warm and simple texture in his works, such as being on the ground and wandering in the heart. The top-quality fabrics are created with the perfect craftsmanship, allowing GIADA to discover the warm and flowing poetry of everything in the cold and quiet imagery.

In terms of silhouette, Gabriele Colangelo takes the image of agate and applies the natural arc-shaped lines of gemstones to tailoring, constructing or dangling, or crisp, or elegant, or cascading spatial imagination, so that the lines surround women's Body fluttering and agile. The long skirt, elegant slits and delicate hollow design subtly highlight the unique feminine and attractiveness of women; the waist is decorated with ruffles, and the neckline is decorated with agate stones, the subtle ingenuity tells Rich and feminine. In terms of color, the GIADA 2021 spring and summer series not only uses the classic black and white, but also achieves a perfect balance between the warm tones formed by Cuban soft sand and almond, and the cool tones formed by deep sea blue and quiet gray. In the fabric, the designer cleverly used mixed wool, cashmere, silk and suede to make the color more expressive and add a sensual dimension.

The offline exhibition and the online exhibition of this fashion show opened at the same time. The offline exhibition site is located at the GIADA House at No. 15 Napoleon Street, a luxury landmark in Milan. As GIADA's global flagship store, the entire building was designed by Claudio Silvestrin, the father of Italian minimalism, integrating the sublime and elegant Renaissance style into a meaningful and powerful art space. Always adhering to the inherent concept of "Art to Art", GIADA keeps on exploring and pursuing art. In February this year, GIADA House officially launched the "Tribute to Art" art concept space project, and cooperated with the Polytechnic University of Milan, a higher design institution. , to build design creativity for it and open up a new pattern of brand cooperation.

During the offline exhibition, GIADA House released the new products of this spring and summer show in a dynamic and static manner. The artistic concept space on the first floor was built by Migliore+Servetto Architects, a well-known Italian design firm. The 360-degree image space 3D displays the GIADA 2021 spring and summer show performed by internationally renowned photographer Annemarieke van Drimmelen and international supermodels Sara Blomqvist and Luca Gadjus. Blockbuster, build a new sensory art experience. The leisure retail space on the second floor was transformed into a sophisticated show field during the exhibition period, interpreting the flowing aesthetic connotation of GIADA.

The online immersive exhibition vividly reproduces the artistic landscape inside the GIADA House, and uniquely designed an interesting interactive experience. Through the well-built four-story virtual exhibition space and VIP Room, "explorers" can feel the natural aesthetics of the GIADA 2021 spring and summer show at a "zero distance", and try on the latest show through their own virtual images in real time, enjoying instant A new show viewing experience that you can see and wear. In addition, this GIADA show also invited Chen Shu, a close friend of the brand, to serve as the chief exploration officer of GIADA House, leading the "explorers" to unlock online surprises and interactions. On the evening of September 29th, Chen Shu will also appear at the GIADA House pop-up store for a limited time, and simultaneously open the online live broadcast to reveal the fashion week interactive eggs.

Like entering the realm of nature, like walking with all things, GIADA 2021 spring and summer series explores the eternal connection with nature.

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