Lancome Gloss in love lip gloss will be launched in September

2022-12-19 06:02

fall in love with your lips

Lancome Gloss in love love lip gloss RMB270/6.5ml listed in September

Combining rich colors with sparkling mother-of-pearl, Lancome Gloss in love lip gloss is every woman's dream. This lip gloss has everything a woman needs. Innovative lip brush, click opener, and natural plant extracts work together to create plump lips. It is a must-have for every white-collar woman living in a fast pace. The texture is smooth and easy to color, perfectly covers the lips, moisturizing and not drying, and provides continuous moisturizing and ultimate comfort care for delicate lips for up to 6 hours.

12 bright colors

Pink diamonds, fuchsia, dazzling, sequins... The sparkling light is the most in fashion trend at the moment. From the softest pastel shades to the trendiest pop shades, Lancôme Gloss in love comes in 3 vibrant shades of pink, orange and purple that you can mix and match as you like! And don't forget Just Strass, this ultra-pigmented white lip gloss that can be used as a base or set, and instantly enhances all lipsticks and glosses... Lancome Gloss in love is a must-have for summer 2013 Doubtful must-have!

Soothing Lip Gloss: Lancome Makes Women's Dreams Come True

Color, comfort and sparkle, all three seem to be inseparable, but they are perfectly combined by the love of lip gloss. The secret is that there is an exclusive "mirror sphere polymer" that perfectly wraps the "super color rendering factor", which can easily create three-dimensional plump lips and shine 3D charming and shiny. The color and luster of mother-of-pearl are fully revealed, and the next-generation comfortable and non-sticky texture lasts for 6 hours, leaving lips radiant and vibrant.

The aroma is strong, revealing the sexy smell

Lancome Gloss in love lip gloss reveals a mouth-watering light vanilla scent, which is extraordinarily elegant due to the fresh mixed fruit fragrance, which is intoxicating!

Two-in-one innovative lip curling brush

Precise and easy application: Lancôme pioneered the first double-sided lip gloss brush. With just one step and two simple strokes, you can outline full and natural lips.

1. The concave surface perfectly fits the lower lip, and the full lips are ready to come out;

2. The convex surface outlines the beautiful lip shape with high precision, and the exquisite three-dimensional blooming like a flower;

This is Lancome's unprecedented innovation!

Easy to open with one hand, click... burst out the perfect color

The clear crystal bottle is engraved with the words of love lip gloss, showing the magic formula, pure color and sparkle of mother-of-pearl in the bottle. Then, with a tick... Just press the cap and the cap will open gently, making it easier and more convenient to use. Lancome's original click to open the mechanism, the perfect combination of lightness and fashion!

5 Brilliant and Shiny New Colors

Lancome Rouge in love obsessed with lipstick RMB280/4.2G listed in October

Lancome Rouge in love adds 5 new shades that are as surprising and addicting as ever: vibrant reds, oranges and pinks that refresh all skin tones and gradually elevate to classic shades. The Lancôme Rouge in love Obsession Lipstick is incredibly rich in 33 shades. Lancome Rouge in love lip balm contains infinite possibilities, allowing you to live in the dazzling technological colors at any time!

Even the fingertips are the trend, dancing lightly on the fingertips

Lancome Vernis in love love nail polish RMB190/6ML listed in October

Intense colors and bold style as always, Lancome Vernis in love nail polish quickly conquered the hearts of "nail art" fans. The 9 new colors that women are full of desire, rejuvenate their life energy, and make people want to add a touch of beautiful scenery to their nail polish colors. Lancome Vernis in love nail polish can be paired with Lancome Gloss in love lip gloss for a bold contrasting look, and trendy people who are keen on colorful colors can also apply one color to each finger and change it at will.

Lancome Makeup Aesthetics: Playing with Layers of Color

Lancôme pioneers the most inspiring mix of colors. There are three products in the Love series, with different shades of purple, orange and pink, and infinite combinations... Anything is possible!

The perfectly compatible formula makes Rouge in love lip balm and Gloss in love lip gloss in ever-changing ways. The light and feathery texture brings out the rich and bright colors vividly. And Love Nail Polish braves the nail polish challenge of creating the most daring breakthrough.

In love with your lips!

First use the Gloss in love lip gloss double-sided innovative lip brush to perfectly outline the delicate lip line, then apply the Rouge in love lip balm to the middle of the lips. Opt for a lighter shade of lipstick to accentuate the contrast in the center of the lips: Flash n' Fuchsia, a vibrant pink lipstick, creates a beautiful contrast with DouxFarniente, a fiery orange lipstick. Play casually between the most daring two-color combinations, pouting a plump and charming little mouth, the charm is unrivaled.

Petal plump lips

The most delicate petals should also show their natural beauty through the contrast of light and dark colors, as should the lip makeup. Choose a contrasting lipstick and lip gloss to recreate this stunning effect. Apply a thin layer of a shimmering pink lip gloss, such as Blink Pink, and then use a lip brush to apply a rich rose-like red lip gloss, Under The Rose, to accentuate the contours of your lips. Lightly sip your lips and let the two colors blend naturally: the petals are about to pop out!

burning heart

Start with a light layer of Rouge in love, then apply Gloss in love to the center of the lips, like a Cupid's bow. Lipstick Fall In Rose enhances lip color and pairs perfectly with Under The Spotlight lip gloss. The heart-shaped lip gloss in the center of the lip puts you in the spotlight.

Mouth-watering tone-on-tone

Choose two Rouge in love lipsticks and Gloss in love lipsticks with similar colors. For a peach-colored lip look, start by smearing the lips with Peach Show Gloss, then use a lip brush with Rose'mantic Gloss to accentuate the lip contours. With a sip of the lips, the two textures merge to create an intense, lacquered, mouth-watering new orange.

two-color kiss

Mixed-color nail polishes are all the rage, so why not use this mix-and-match trend for lip makeup to give your lips a vibrant look? Just like applying primer before applying nail polish, apply a layer of Just Strass love lip gloss to make your lips more pink and shiny. Apply a lighter, brighter lipstick like Rose Flaaneuse on the lower lip and Be My Date! Lip Gloss on the upper lip for a contrasting effect. That's the essence of color-block makeup...

Emma Watson, Deeper in Love

Emma Watson, the face of the In love series since its launch, once again stood in front of top cameraman Mario Testino. In the film, she applied Gloss in love Under the Spotlight, Rouge in love Rose me, Rose me Not! and Very In LoveVernis in love nail polish, she showed Lancome's new modern femininity vividly!

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