Men's must-have jackets for autumn and winter, Biden and Bezos love to wear

2022-12-19 06:02

In autumn and winter, jackets are a single product that many men will pick, and many dignitaries are also loyal fans of jackets.

For example, Biden, whether in private or out to work, loves to wear jackets, from motorcycle leather jackets to bomber jackets, he has been upper body.

A few years ago, when he appeared in the American drama "Vice President", he also wore a brown leather jacket and aviator sunglasses. When he walked, he felt windy at his feet. Sure enough, there is no age limit for men's pursuit of coolness.

Jackets are indeed a classic must-have item for men. Let me tell you why jackets are popular with men, what types of jackets are there, and what good jacket brands are there~

Why do men like to wear jackets?

1. Classic style, no age.

The jacket originally evolved from the workers’ clothing many years ago. The main design is that it has a front, sleeves, and the length is close to the hip line. The style is very classic, and it is highly wearable and durable. It has won the love of all kinds of men. Bezo Si walked through as soon as he took the stage to give a speech.

In addition to being loved by mature business men, young men will also favor jackets. Brad Pitt and Robert Pattinson in the fresh meat period both like to wear jackets, so handsome~

2. Good collocation, durable and easy to take care of.

The basic style of the jacket is simple and easy to wear. Biden’s old partner Obama is also a jacket expert. It is his common look to match a jacket with a variety of casual pants. The style is very casual. The one on the right comes from the luxury brand Rag&Bone, and the cuffs are embroidered with his presidential appointment. 44.

Jackets are also durable. Kate and William both wore military-style jackets when they traveled. They are generally made of wear-resistant twill fabrics. The outdoor style is full and it is easy to take care of if they are dirty.

3. The texture is good, showing a big boss temperament.

Because of its high-quality material and three-dimensional design, the leather jacket is easier to wear a big boss even if it is an ordinary figure. Musk wears a fur collar leather jacket than a plaid shirt.

This is also reflected in the film and television works. From "Terminator" to "Mission Impossible", the male protagonists love to wear leather jackets, which is simply the standard of tough guy temperament.

What are the common types of jackets?

Harrington jacket

The Harrington jacket is certainly no stranger to everyone. It is known as the leader’s favorite, but in fact it has a long history. It came from the UK in the 1930s. It was originally a G9 jacket produced by the brand Baracuta. It has iconic designs such as stand-up collar, cuff necking, zippers, etc. It is waist-length, and the material is light and easy to wear.

The Harrington jacket has a simple design and is very suitable for daily wear in autumn and winter. It is a classic style in jackets. It is also very popular among men until now. Daniel Craig and Jason Statham are wearing them.

Safari jacket

The safari jacket originated in the nineteenth century. It was a military jacket designed to protect British soldiers operating in the African jungle. It was also called a bush jacket. The iconic design is the epaulettes, belt and four pockets for holding combat equipment such as compasses and maps, which are more practical and functional.

The color matching of the safari jacket is generally beige, dark gray, army green and other natural colors. It is also to enhance its practicality. It also has many celebrity fans: Prince Charles and Yves Saint Laurent himself are considered to be Promoters of safari jackets.

Baseball jacket

The baseball jacket has its own campus style, which actually originated from the American university campus culture. As early as 1865, the Harvard University baseball team sewed the H letter representing the school on the sweater to reward outstanding players, so it is also called letterman sweater.

Later, this form spread across major campuses in the United States. Around 1930, the alphabet tops appeared in the form of baseball jackets. Until now, many schools, teams and other organizations use the initials of their names to make baseball uniforms.

This kind of representative clothing is also loved by politicians. For example, Obama wore the uniform of the Chicago White Sox baseball team. The Prime Minister of Canada also wore a baseball uniform representing the Canadian Liberal Party before.

Bomber jacket

The bomber jacket has a long history. It originally originated during World War I. It was a heavy-duty jacket used by the U.S. Air Force to protect against wind and warmth. There are many types of bomber jackets. The most common one is the G1 jacket, which is generally designed with leather and fur collar, and has a label on the chest to distinguish the attributes of the unit.

The bomber jacket is also the favorite of American presidents. From Kennedy and Clinton to Bush and Trump are all on the upper body, as if the uniform of the American president is a must.

Another common one is the MA-1 bomber jacket, which is a light jacket, usually made of nylon, which is light and easy to wear. It has been popular among people in recent years, but Kanye always wears it.

M65 jacket

The M65 jacket is also a kind of jacket that originated from the army. It was originally improved and upgraded from the M41 jacket during World War II. The M65 jacket has military designs such as epaulettes and labels. It is generally made of wear-resistant military green fabric. It also protects against wind and rain. In the movie "Taxi Driver", the male protagonist played by Robert De Niro, wearing an M65 jacket, is very popular.

And now, the M65 jacket is not just military clothing. Many men also wear it every day. It is also very fashionable. Beckham has used it with newsboy hats and dark scarves. The autumn and winter atmosphere is very full~

Alright, after telling everyone about the advantages and types of jackets, Fan will give you a wave of grass, from niche top to big names, light luxury, let's take a look~

Niche top

Berluti, the top niche leather goods brand from Italy, must be familiar to all Fan friends. Not only is his shoe and bag great, but leather clothes are also very popular. Peng Yuyan and Jing Boran are wearing them.

In the fall and winter of this year, his family launched a zippered leather jacket made of 100% deerskin. The style is more casual. It also includes a detachable lamb wool collar. It feels that apart from autumn and winter, removing the fur collar is also very suitable for the upper body in early spring.

This B-Way hooded leather jacket has always been Berluti’s classic best-selling style. It is made of full calfskin. The texture is quite soft and delicate, the classic brown is classic, and the upper body is more temperamental. The tolerance is also relatively high~

ZILLI is a niche top leather goods brand from France. His jackets are very famous. The luxurious leather jackets of various rare leathers are the characteristics of his family. It is said that the most expensive jacket in the world comes from ZILLI.

This GALIEN is a version of the bomber jacket. It is made of brown reindeer leather and is lined with Astrakhan wool. This jacket is also handmade by brand craftsmen. It can be said that it is full of luxury.

Another HIKE jacket of his family is also good, the whole is made of cashmere fabric, the neckline and lining are made of mink leather and fixed weasel leather, pockets, cuffs and front are decorated with blue calfskin details. It is a low-key and luxurious jacket. .

Brioni is not only famous for customized suits, but also various jackets.

This season, his family launched a safari jacket, which is made of brown calfskin suede and nappa leather. All details are hand-stitched to make the jacket light and easy to wear. The style is modern and versatile. It can be worn in autumn. Dressed as casual wear in winter.

In addition, the brand also has a short jacket that is also good. The version of the bomber jacket is made of soft suede lambskin, with a woolen collar and adjustable belt, which has high warmth retention and is especially suitable for autumn and winter.

Classic big name

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent's jacket is also a well-known existence among the classic big names. A while ago, Keanu Reeves also wore his leather jacket to shoot a commercial, full of rock and roll style.

This autumn and winter, his family launched a zippered flight jacket. The surface is made of 100% distressed sheepskin. The surface is full of texture. It also has a wool lining and collar. It has good warmth retention and is very suitable for winter wear.

This baseball jacket is Saint Laurent’s classic best-selling item in the past two years. It will be released every season. It is made of wool, with leather trim around the shoulders. The collar, cuffs and hem are also decorated with white stripes. It is simple and easy to wear. Outdated, don’t lose money~

Dunhill, a veteran menswear from the UK, his leather jackets are also very popular with men, Ronaldo and Nicholas Holt both wear them.

Recently, his family launched a Harrington jacket, which is designed with a leather-bonded neoprene material. The material is soft and rainproof. The rock gray color scheme is quite eye-catching. The zipper is equipped with a Dunhill iconic Metal pull rod, full of details.

Another black bomber jacket is also good. It is made of dunhill Rolla pattern quilting and is equipped with nylon lining. The style is casual and everyday, and it does not violate the harmony when worn alone or stacked in a coat.

Zegna's jackets are favored by all types of men. The veteran movie star Robert De Niro and the rapper Big Sean have both used his jackets.

This season's Leggerissimo black bomber jacket is easy to wear. It is made of high-end mulberry silk and virgin wool fibers. The fabric is light and stretchy, and the upper body is light and comfortable.

There is also a safari jacket, which is made of suede and has an excellent texture. It has an invisible zipper button closure, a shirt collar, and multiple pockets. It is practical and fashionable.

Burberry also launched several good jackets this autumn and winter. This bomber jacket is made of Italian worsted nylon twill fabric with diamond-shaped quilted lining. The iconic brown stripe design on the shoulders is very eye-catching, low-key and recognizable.

There is also a Harrington jacket in his home, which is casual and everyday. The material is made of wool blend, which has a certain degree of warmth. The red stripe design in the middle of the black color matching is also more eye-catching.

There are many celebrities in Bally's jackets, such as Luke Evans and Er Qiao.

This autumn and winter, his short coat is not bad. It is made of black grained sheepskin. It has a soft and delicate touch. It has a zipper front and multiple zipper pockets on the front. The style is very casual. The red zipper design with built-in pockets is not only It is a classic element of the brand, and it is also very surprising~

The other uses the M65 jacket version, which is made of Bally's unique Ventile cotton fabric. It has a unique waterproof effect and is durable to wear. The leather stitching on the elbow and four front pockets also greatly improve the wearability.

Light luxury and close to the people

Fan said before AllSaints, his home is a light luxury brand from the UK, the style is a little bit rock, the price is not high, leather clothing is very popular, small freckles before wearing his leather clothing to participate in activities.

His family launched this Kemble bomber jacket this year, which is made of soft suede, decorated with ribbed cuffs and a chest pocket. The overall feature is minimalism and is very good to match.

AllSaints's fur jacket is also good, the outside is 100% sheepskin, the inside is made of British merino wool, which has texture and warmth, which is very suitable for autumn and winter~

Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries is a brand that specializes in making jackets. The military clothing of the US Army is basically supplied by his family. In addition, there are also daily styles, which are very popular. Bieber, Philip Dong, and Rihanna are all wearing them.

The MA-1 bomber jacket is his classic best-selling style. Recently, he also launched a collaboration model with Gloverall. Unlike the basic style, this bomber jacket has a detachable hat and a horn buckle on the neckline, which is more youthful. feel.

In addition, his M65 is also worth starting with. The style is simple and basic, and the hood design can also be detached and worn. The fabric is windproof and rainproof, and it is not distressed to wear in bad weather~

Baracuta is a menswear brand from London, England. His Harrington jacket is very famous and worn by many celebrities. Among them is the "Billions" actor and movie star Steve McQueen.

This G9 jacket is his most classic style. In the fabric, it is made of half cotton and half of the brand’s unique coolmax breathable polyester material, which is light and easy to wear. In terms of design, it uses a very iconic lining. The red plaid is very bright when worn open.

Another G4 jacket of his family is also good. Compared with G9, this one has a more casual design. It adopts a straight cut and has a smaller waistline restriction. It is good for daily commuting and is good for planting grass. Friends can go to his official website to place an order, support mailing domestically, it is very convenient~

Schott is a niche luxury brand founded in New York in 1913. It is known for its high-quality leather products. His leather jackets are very popular. The image of Marlon Brando wearing a Schott leather jacket riding a motorcycle is very impressive.

His leather jacket model 575 has a simple overall design and is made of 100% cowhide. The style is tough. The light brown color on the upper body lifts the skin tone. It is suitable for indoor wear in autumn and winter.

There is also a model 594 bomber jacket that is also good, with fur collar and hidden zipper design, the silhouette is more atmospheric, plus the dark brown leather with a sense of old, the upper body is full of retro feel, and it feels like a style that will be more flavorful after a long time. .

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