Sulwhasoo, the beauty of Asian wisdom and harmony

2022-12-19 06:02

Sulwhasoo, a Korean high-end herbal skin care brand, held a grand opening ceremony in Chongqing Century New Capital on July 14, offering women in Chongqing the best skin-conditioning solutions. This is another important counter since Sulwhasoo successfully developed the Chinese market, and it is another new challenge and attempt under the rapid growth of the Chinese market.

At the opening ceremony of Sulwhasoo Chongqing Century New Capital, Yuan Hong, an elite member of Sulwhasoo ELITE100, assisted in the opening ceremony, and together with Sulwhasoo, brought the brand philosophy of "balance and harmony" to Chongqing beauty lovers. The well-known actor Yuan Hong, who is much loved by the audience, admitted that he is a loyal customer of Sulwhasoo and shared his unique insights at the event. Yuan Hong highly praised Sulwhasoo's star product "Nourishing Ginseng Condensing Cream." "Nourishing Ginseng Condensed Repair Cream" contains the core ingredients of ginseng roots and fruits, which promotes skin cell regeneration, deeply nourishes and repairs damaged and aging skin. In addition, Yuan Hong mentioned that many people around him are using Sulwhasoo's latest product "Zhimei Whitening Air Cushion Foundation", which nourishes the skin while creating fresh and beautiful skin throughout the day, making your skin translucent and blooming.

Sulwhasoo, a high-end herbal skin care brand originating from South Korea, is committed to the pursuit of harmony and balanced beauty, adhering to the Asian philosophy of balance between body and mind, harmony between man and nature, and refining and blending precious Asian herbal essences with modern cutting-edge technology. Essence, offering the best skin care solutions for skin conditioning, and offering a holistic care experience that balances the mind and body. Since its strong entry into China in 2011, Sulwhasoo has won unanimous praise from many consumers for its rigorous research and development process, excellent use effect, and unique skin care concept.

This time, the Sulwhasoo counter in Chongqing Century New Capital is stationed in Huamei, and there are multiple classic and luxurious skin care experiences and rich opening benefits activities on the scene, which contain traditional beauty wisdom and convey the beauty of balance and harmony of Korean prescriptions. In "Bayu" Chongqing, Sulwhasoo We sincerely invite you to visit us!

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