Magic color nail polish rendering style spring

2023-01-13 21:05

Small skills that professional manicurists must know, you must master

Nail Art Rule 1: Shape VS Form

Nails are square, suitable for decoration with flowers or rhinestones to decorate the nails, with a French style; if the nails are short oval, cute patterns or bright simple colors are most suitable, and the nails are more textured; if it is long oval Shaped nails, it is OK to decorate the nails with calm dark tones!

Nail Art Rule 2: Repair VS Nursing - Refuse to be a "yellow-faced woman"

If the nails turn yellow due to the application of nail polish, you can repeatedly rub your fingers with lemon slices before each manicure, and then apply a layer of special nail calcium polish after the nail polish is applied to prevent the surface of the nails from becoming "yellow-faced".

Recommended for Spring

1. Chanel nail polish

Shade: #637

Adds bright colors to nails and strengthens and protects nails. Nails are brilliantly coloured, extremely bright and long lasting. The effect is long lasting. Contains biochemical pottery to strengthen and protect nails. And there are Ceramides ingredients, with the effect of moisturizing nails. After the polish dries, apply a thin layer of colored nail polish. After the nail polish is dry, apply a second coat, rubbing from the half-moon in the center of the nail to the fingertips.

2. Sephora Metallic Nail Polish 

Shade: #Diving in Malaysia

SEPHORA Sephora launched a new metallic luster nail polish, 22 full and bright colors with cool metallic mini-bottles, let the gorgeous and dazzling colors dance on the fingertips, and the color is up to you; there are also new special formulas, which can effectively help speed up the coloring speed and maintain long-lasting beauty.

3. L'oral Paris Nail Polish 

Shade: #812

L'Oreal Paris Nail Polish uses gel technology for pure color and long-lasting shine. The large brush head is convenient and easy to use, and the color is evenly painted in one swipe. 25 bright and dynamic colors, change at will. Dazzling inspiration, colorful jumping fingertips.

4. Maybelline new york color show nail polish new product is not priced

Maybelline New York Color Show Nail Polish's unique formula blends high-density pigments with a technopolymer clear base. Special Nail Polish Brush - Not too narrow, not too wide, ensuring the brush is easy to control and spreads the nail polish evenly. Long-lasting gorgeous and dazzling colors, the ordinary manicure experience is directly promoted to the advanced customization of the nail industry.

5. Anna sui Magic Nail Polish

Shade: #N005

The rose bottle is beautifully blooming, and the delicate rose totem blooms directly on the bottle of magic and colorful nail polish, becoming another beautiful scenery on the dressing table.

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