Proya's Tahitian Drift Bottles Are Your Best Favor for Fall Hydration

2022-08-15 06:02

After the beginning of autumn, with the advent of autumn, the climate is gradually dry, the air humidity is reduced, the skin is unavoidable, and the dry skin is drier, and there will be difficult spots, blackheads, and acne. In this battle, it is more necessary to pay attention to adding moisture to keep the skin moist. For beauty-loving women, how to moisturize and moisturize the skin from a deep level is an imminent offensive and defensive battle.

However, many people extend their skin care in summer to autumn, which can easily lead to various skin problems. Therefore, skin care methods should also change seasons in time. In terms of skin care products, summer and autumn are of course different.

A few days ago, Proya held the "Piloting Heart Era" press conference in Shanghai. International goddess Zhang Ziyi and national Oba Song Zhongji jointly announced a new product of Proya - Proya Aqua Core Series. This magical gift from Tahiti is a skin care artifact with the concept of water, which is suitable for solving the problem of women's skin hydration in the dry season like autumn. What kind of favor does this gift from Tahiti bring to the autumn skin care of the majority of beauty-loving women?

Deep dive and hydration, let your skin "drink" good water

Although autumn is not as hot as summer, but due to the dry air, the skin's water and oil are out of balance, and the skin is prone to evaporation of moisture and drier. The skin care products used in summer are obviously not up to the requirements in terms of moisturizing, moisturizing and locking in autumn. It is best to start using moisturizing skin care products to reduce the loss of water.

The skin care and hydration are mainly aimed at the stratum corneum. Through the deep diving hydration technology, the Proya water core muscle series retains a variety of beneficial mineral salts, minerals and trace elements rich in Tahiti's high-quality water resources and completely integrates with water. The fusion makes the lagoon water have deep moisturizing and powerful nourishing effects, which can well help promote the skin's circulation system, strengthen hydration, maintain the skin's oil-water balance, and more effectively reduce the water-oil imbalance and various skin problems caused by the lack of water in the skin. .

Deep dive to store water, let your skin "drink" water often

When the air temperature decreases, the moisture and humidity in the air in autumn continuously decrease, and the stratum corneum of the skin needs to be adjusted to a sufficient moisturizing effect in time. Otherwise, the skin will be dehydrated, causing the skin to be dry and tight. In autumn, skin protection and hydration are only one aspect. In addition, water storage must be strengthened to achieve a lasting moisturizing effect.

The magical "nutrient storage vesicle" of the algae in the Tahitian lagoon is like a super deep moisturizing reservoir, with a magical ability to store water and nutrients, and continuously absorb the rich minerals and trace elements in the pure waters of the lagoon. Corresponding skin care, skin nourishing, moisturizing skin measures, and preventing skin evaporation, improving microcirculation, and enhancing the moisturizing process of skin moisturization, the best moisturizing is the benign interaction between skin and moisturizing products.

Deep dive to lock water, let your skin "drink" enough water

In the autumn climate change, it is not only necessary to "drink water" for the skin, but also to make the skin really drink enough water. In addition to the advantages of hydration and water storage, the Proya water core muscle series is more important. Proya scientists control the moisturizing essence to a moderate size , to ensure that it stays in the skin for a long time and locks the moisture for the skin.

The moisturizing essence enters the skin and stays at the bottom of the skin to play a role, making the skin surface more plump and plump. Put on a "wetsuit" for the moisturizing essence to keep the ingredients stable and safe until the bottom of the muscle is released. This procedure can firmly lock the moisture in the skin, and play the best role in sequestering moisture and locking nutrients for the skin in autumn.

For this reason, this water core muscle series released by Proya is also affectionately known as the "Drift Bottle" from Tahiti. This "Drift Bottle" is a deep favor brought by Proya and its spokespersons Zhang Ziyi and Song Zhongji to Asian women, and it is also a surprise for Asian women in the autumn. The two also co-starred in Proya's advertising blockbuster, and at the event, they shared skin pampering tips with fans, saying that Proya will bring deep beauty to women's skin.

In this autumn, open the "Drift Bottle", breathe in the fragrance, pat for a moment, do a deep natural spa treatment for the skin, and enjoy the natural and pure beauty drifting across the mountains and seas from Tahiti. National Obama Song Zhongji is going to deliver this "Drift Bottle" full of love to you, are you ready?

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