Riding the wind and waves, you can't learn the nail art of sisters without two brushes

2022-07-05 10:57

Recently, I watched "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves 2", although I had some careful thoughts about watching the sisters tear each other, but I was unexpectedly surprised by the stunning stage effect and the beautiful makeup and manicure of the sisters on and off the stage!

If you want a perfect stage effect, then you don't need to think about solid colors, cool colors, simple and fresh manicures. All you can see are bursting colors, European and American long nails, and fancy manicures decorated with various sequins and diamonds.

That's right! Sisters' nail art, you really can't learn without two brushes!

Change the rhythm of a pair of nails when you change a look, this matching effect is really amazing! pretty! Let's not talk about whether it is practical for ordinary people to do the same manicure in life, just looking at this beauty is really eye-catching.

How sensitive are celebrities to manicures? Take a look at the hot search #angelababy compliments Liu Yuxin's beautiful nails# you will know,

In a brand show and live broadcast, angelababy and Liu Yuxin sat on the sofa and interacted with the host. As senior nail lovers baby, they paid special attention to Liu Yuxin's nails and said that Yuxin's nails look good. Liu Yuxin, who debuted in the girl group THE9, is known for her cool personality. Liu Yuxin replied at the scene: "My hand is a little graffiti."

As the saying goes, hands are the second face of a woman. A pair of tender white hands and exquisite manicure can not only reflect a person's character and taste, but also feel advanced in the overall shape.

Many celebrities attach great importance to their hand care, and their hand care skills may be more serious than your skin care!

When recording the program, Ouyang Nana said that because she had practiced the piano since childhood, she was very concerned about the maintenance of her hands. When practicing the piano, her hands should not be oily, and she needed to leave calluses, so hand cream was only applied to the joints during practice.

Nabi's hand protection experience is to apply a thick layer of hand cream, and then wrap it with plastic wrap or disposable gloves, which is equivalent to making a hand mask for herself.

Of course, when doing housework, you must wear gloves to protect your hands.

And after the epidemic, everyone has become a hand-washing maniac, and they attach great importance to health and hygiene, but these hands... easily become rough and dry.

Editor's recommendation: Runbaiyan Hyaluronic Acid Medical Disinfectant Gel

Everyone knows that Run Baiyan's hyaluronic acid is very useful. In fact, during the epidemic, the editor found a treasure-level fetish in her family! That is this disposable gel. Don’t look at it as a gel. The disinfectant gel with hyaluronic acid is definitely the favorite of girls. It sanitizes the hands while moisturizing the skin. After use, the hands will be moist and smooth. Yes, not too useful! An epidemic prevention product with unlimited repurchase, and 7 specifications from large to small to choose from.

Is a small barb on the hand so powerful? What exactly is a barb, and how can it be prevented?

The appearance of barbs near the nails is called 'reverse peeling'. It has nothing to do with vitamin deficiency. It may be related to dry skin, irregular manicures, dermatitis and eczema, and nail biting.

With the barb, do not tear it directly, it is easy to cause paronychia. The correct way is to cut off the barbs with nail clippers in time, and apply hand cream to moisturize.

If you can't control your accidental inflammation, you can use mupirocin ointment or fusidic acid cream for mild cases; for severe cases, you need to go to the hospital in time, take antibiotics, or even undergo surgery.

Now, whether it is a white-collar worker who typed on the keyboard for N hours a day, a housewife who usually does housework without gloves, or a petty bourgeoisie who likes to do manicures frequently, hand cream is really a favorite all year round.

Editor's recommendation: tamburins NUDE H.AND CREAM chain hand cream 712 160 yuan

NUDE H.AND CREAM hand cream quickly moisturizes the skin at the moment of application, and the texture is refreshing and not sticky. The main ingredient, macadamia essential oil, has super skin-friendly power, strengthens the skin barrier, and makes dry and rough hand skin. Soft and smooth like velvet. At the moment of taking it out of the bag or pocket, the iconic chain design can show a unique aesthetic and taste. The unintentional sense of sophistication revealed during the application process makes the details of life exude elegance and charm.

Editor's recommendation: L'Occitane Shea Butter Moisturizing Nail Care Oil 150 yuan

Containing 30% shea butter, the natural and moisturizing ingredients effectively moisturize the skin of the hands, intensively repair the finger edges and nails that are prone to dryness and roughness, repair the dry, cracked molting cutin and strengthen the nail surface. The brush-type design makes it more convenient to use, and only a small amount can be concentrated by squeezing the hose, bringing efficient nourishment and protection to the nail surface and finger edges, and maintaining fragile and easily broken nails and dry finger edges. With a gentle massage every day, it can make the skin of the finger edge more delicate and soft, and the nail surface has a natural and healthy luster.

Editor's recommendation: THE SHELL fragrance hand cream 90 yuan / 15ml

THE SHELL Fragrance Hand Cream is specially added with a new ingredient with excellent collagen synthesis and antioxidant capacity - Centella Callus Centella asiatica callus extract, which provides sufficient nutrition for dry and fragile hand skin, and effectively helps Smoothes fine lines on hands and leaves skin supple.

Finally, the editor recommends some super-hot manicures of the same summer stars! It is very practical, and it is white and sweet, and it is the same style of BLACKPINK Lisa, Kim Jisoo, Zhou Jieqiong, IOI Kim Chungha, Li Jingjing, and MOMOLAND Li Huibin! ...Nude manicures for commuting, and laser models for jumping discs in summer, all of them are sweet, harmless and sassy this summer.

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