Souji Lin Yoona's fashionable dress is hand-made a profile coat

2022-08-08 06:01

When Xiuzhi attended the event, she wore a classic camel coat and blue and white vertical striped shirt, which made people feel refreshed. When the profile coat is in the limelight, her simple and fit coat looks exceptionally neat, and the rose-red high heels are super feminine.

The big beauty Kim Hee Sun appeared at the airport, wearing a gray coat with black leggings and black boots. The fur stitching on the shoulder of the coat adds luxury and extravagance. The blue bag is also a lady's fan.

The young member Xu Xian appeared at the airport wearing a long coat that was very popular this year, coupled with the classic and elegant lattice design, the atmosphere and retro, showing a charming style in every gesture.

Lin Yoona’s latest street shot, she wears a black knitted cold hat, a gray wool coat and a black turtleneck sweater inside. She is beautiful and lovely. She is more cute than V. The high gray coat is simple and versatile, and looks high-quality, it is a weapon to enhance the temperament.

Actress Pu Suzhen is wearing a black profile coat with a white turtleneck sweater. The details of the coat are embellished with fresh white patterns, which is very delicate, avoiding the dullness of black, so that the matching is very warm.

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